A Mother Is Shocked To Discover That A Childcare Worker Is Secretly Breastfeeding Her Baby

 Mother Is Shocked To Discover That A Childcare Worker

All moms want only the best for their kids, they do their best to be perfect, or at least they try. Breastfeeding is one of the most decisive topics for them. Taken too seriously, some become obsessed, others develop a fear of failing to do so, causing stress to their lactation. As a result, many mothers find themselves in situations where they are unable to breastfeed (medical, genetic or adoption causes).

The story of a mother who had a disappointing experience with a day care center was relayed by our colleagues from Dailymail.
Several opinions exist on this subject. Some moms think that breast milk is irreplaceable. Others are less rigid and allow themselves to feed them with formula milk. One thing is certain, the decision to breastfeed or not, must be a choice made by the parents.

However, a study comparing breastfeeding with formula milk shows that breastfeeding promotes the maturation of the corpus callosum (medullary band that joins the two hemispheres of the brain), and the cerebral cortical gray matter (organic tissue, which covers both hemispheres of the brain to a thickness of a few millimeters).

An educator allows herself to breastfeed a baby
Not having conceived but adopted the child, a mother was unable to breastfeed. Also, she had made the decision to feed him with formula milk. But one day, when she came to pick him up early from her daycare, she was shocked by what she had just seen. Her daughter was secretly breastfed by the daycare educator.

Terrified, she stepped forward and took her baby in her arms, not understanding what was happening! The guard replied that she was saving her daughter from all the chemicals that these infant formula contained. She added that the mother must be grateful to him!

The mother was confused, and hesitated to report the latter or to sign an online petition. However, his sister advised him to warn other parents, in order to allow them to make their own inquiries.

When parents drop their children in daycare, they are supposed to be reassured and confident. But the behavior of this employee was a total violation of the rights and authority of the mother, and this can only disturb other parents. Very quickly, they began to react to this incident. They pushed her to report the daycare to a supervisory agency.

According to the childcare survey carried out by the National Family Allowances Fund, 31% of parents whose children are aged six months to one year, opt for a collective host institution, while 25% of they would be ready to enroll them in a nursery. Moreover, it turned out that only a quarter of the people preferred to look after their offspring themselves.

However, are these host institutions such as nurseries safe?

The potential dangers of daycare
As reported earlier, it is not uncommon for incidents to happen, as is the case of the mother whose rights have been violated. Many children and parents may experience unpleasant, similar or different episodes.

Thus, many parents are not always aware of what happens in nurseries. Indeed, as mentioned in a HuffPost article, some educators may not be aware of how they treat children. Punishment or prohibition to play if the child refuses to eat is one of the hardships the child may suffer in these cases. Educators wrongly attribute bad intentions to children, whereas the child, especially at an early age, is incapable of doing harm, since he is himself in the process of learning and self-knowledge.

For this reason, it is impossible to control all situations that occur in a daycare, and taking any decision we take a risk. When it comes to children, we try to minimize the dangers, but there is still a chance that their well-being, and their safety, will be threatened. Hence the importance of establishing a relationship of trust or a frank dialogue with educators, before entrusting his child.
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