A Girl Dies At School After Being Abused By Her Teacher

A little girl dies at school

For WHO, World Health Organization, is considered violence: "The intentional use of physical force whose real or probable consequence is injury, death, psychological trauma, poor development or precariousness" . This violence is omnipresent at school in various forms ranging from racketeering and insults between students, to abuses committed by teachers and teachers. These are sometimes edifying stories like that of a Chinese girl, which generated strong reactions, on the side of parents and the government and relayed by our fellow Mirror.

School violence has an impact on mental and physical health, leading to feelings of injustice in the short term, and hatred of school and teachers over the long term.

Repetitive abuse rather than teacher involvement and social support can lead to an erosion of self-esteem that is highly correlated with certain psychiatric pathologies, as demonstrated by a study conducted by the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. In the most serious cases, it can lead to suicide or death following a teacher's sanction.

The story of the death of a Chinese girl called Guo Jintong scares and shows the irresponsibility of some teachers.

A tragedy leading to the suffering of the parents of a girl who died as a result of a punishment. The only "mistake" that little Guo Jintong made is to have been very active and agitated, before she died. Guilty of having wanted to distract the rest of the class while chatting, his teacher had the unfortunate idea of ​​sealing her mouth with glue and tape.

She then continued to play with the other children, despite the punishment that was applied to her, before things went wrong for her and her teacher.

She then notices that her condition is deteriorating and decides to call the helpers seeing that the girl was not well at all. On their arrival, she was already dead because of a suffocation, and the help could not do anything for her.

Completely annihilated by the facts and the cause of death, Jintong parents demanded explanations of the cruel punishments their daughter had to undergo that are considered "normal" in kindergarten. The government reacted and an investigation was opened into the circumstances of the death.

This case also echoed the inhabitants of the city, who have not stopped asking for answers for justice, if only to relieve the sorrow of parents, because nothing can compensate for their loss.

What school sanctions are currently applicable?
In France, a new circular has been launched, including an official list of sanctions authorized in schools, to introduce certain rules to students and thus end the abuse and violence of professionals against them.

Here are some examples of sanctions that apply to students in class:
For a non-fulfilled assignment, the pedagogical requirement must be committed to providing the support the child needs and to seeking the reasons for the work not done. At the end of the explanations, the teacher can begin with graduated reprimands by giving warnings.

In the case where they produce no effect, the director can be warned so that information is sent to the parents. Other sanctions such as temporary exclusion can be applied without any break in school learning.

On the other hand, the teacher may also ask the child for an apology or compensation for the harm he or she has committed.

What to do in case of abuse of your children?
The association Action en France has established a list of tips for the protection of children so that parents can recognize the signs of abuse against their children and remedy them. These tips include warning signs, phenomena specific to children that can complicate their identification, and an explanation of the attitude to have in these cases. Indeed, the child must be listened to: we must let him speak, believe in his words, and reassure him.
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