A Faithful Dog Dies 15 Minutes After His Master Lost His Battle With Cancer

We all know that the dog is the best friend of the man. This faithful companion develops remarkable qualities with his owner, devoting him loyalty and unconditional love. This moving story, relayed by the Metro site, focuses on the beautiful love story between a master and his dog.

Dogs never lie when they express their love, their sense of fidelity is exemplary and their altruism is remarkable. Their only purpose in life is to satisfy their masters and offer their hearts.

A dog, a master, a moving story
Stuart Hutchison was a 25-year-old man who had a great love for his three dogs, especially one of them, a French bulldog named Nero.

In 2011, the man received a diagnosis that would change the course of his life: he had a brain tumor. Stuart has fought body and soul against the disease for many years, undergoing surgery and several chemotherapies.

But the cancer eventually spread between 2014 and 2018 until it reached its bones and pelvis.

In 2017, Stuart married Danielle, a pharmacy assistant with whom he had been in a relationship for six years. The couple lived in Alloa, Scotland, with four dogs.

But the condition of the man was getting progressively worse. One month before losing his life, he decided to leave with his wife to join his mother, Fiona.

"We brought Stuart home four weeks ago because he wanted to die at home ... we took care of him at home," his mother said.

Following their move, the events unfolded quickly. One day, Danielle woke up and found that her glasses had broken.

Stuart's father, who knew that his son did not have much time left, decided to go to Danielle's home to get another pair of glasses, preferring to leave the latter with her husband.

When the father entered the couple's house, he noticed that Nero, his son's favorite dog, was in pain somewhere. He rushed him to the vet to see what was wrong. The doctor said that the dog's spine suddenly broke.

"Stuart died around 1:15 pm that day and Nero died about 15 minutes later," Fiona said.

According to the mother, the man and his dog had a very fusional relationship.

The relationship of a master with his dog, a very special relationship
The dog is a social animal that, when he becomes a member of a family, develops special abilities. Thus, he can interact with his masters by doing certain gestures or by taking a look that can express certain emotions. Indeed, domesticated dogs develop a strong bond with human beings. According to scientists, there is a similarity between the relationship of a master with his dog and that of a parent with his child. Indeed, cognitive tests performed on animals have shown an obvious influence of the characters of humans on their dogs.

Dog owners also know that this relationship is based on sincerity and unparalleled loyalty.

Thus, a scientific study shows that a hormone, known as oxytocin, intervenes to create a strong bond between the two beings. This hormone is the one that is naturally secreted by new mothers to develop attachment and confidence in their baby. In addition, this hormone helps to reduce stress and anxiety. The researchers concluded that oxytocin release in dog owners correlated with positive behavior in animals. Indeed, the more men show their affection and attachment to dogs, the more they are calm and sociable.
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