10 Pictures Of Premature Babies Who Smile Because They Are Happy To Have Survived

premature babies

All pregnancies do not go as planned because there are several parameters that can upset the process. It is in this way that cases, such as those born prematurely, are born, knowing that they require much more attention and care than any other newborn, given their vulnerability and fragility.

These children came to the world much too early

A baby is considered "premature" when he has not had enough time to reach a stage of development that makes him fit to live outside his mother's body. According to specialists, 8½ months (38 weeks) is the minimum pregnancy time below which the newborn is placed in the category of premature babies who are likely to experience health problems or worse, to see their days threat.

In the midst of all these dangers, the hope is still there because these little beings are small fighters who do not let go and cling to life, despite their early arrival in the latter. And to prove their courage, they wear a warm and sincere smile that emerges on each of their small faces full of innocence, able to make forget all worry and suffering to parents as well as to anyone who has heard or read of their history.

Here is a set of pictures of babies who arrived earlier than expected in this world and who fought to live by escaping a death threatening.

1. This little girl was born after only 33 weeks

premature babies

She was in a very worrisome situation, so doctors told her mother that because of her stroke, she was probably not going to be able to smile. She will, in the end, have shown to all those who were pessimistic that they were wrong!

2. This one was born after 34 weeks of pregnancy

premature babies

His birth weight was about 2 pounds, which put the medical team in the need to keep him for two weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit and today he is doing perfectly well.

3. Born 7 weeks old and weighing less than one and a half pounds

premature babies

This incredible smile could be drawn on this angelic face 16 weeks after childbirth. He is happy to be here and is now ready to live life to the fullest.

4. This is Evelyn, born at 25 weeks of pregnancy

premature babies

Her birth weight was barely 800 grams. The doctors had to monitor her very closely during her first six months. It was hard to believe that she could get away with it and become the pretty little girl she is today.

5. Her weight was less than 2 pounds

Despite all the obstacles he faced, he was able to let the world know his radiant and hopeful smile.

6. He could survive despite his weight of only 2 pounds

This fantastic smile has marked a lot of people around the world. How can one resist such beauty?

7. It was time for him to reassure his dad with a beautiful smile

This beautiful little baby is one of those who have been able to prove that they are strong enough to attach themselves to life. He escaped while weighing only 2 pounds at birth.

8. It took only 7 weeks for him to be born!

He certainly arrived much too soon, but he was not ready to give up. He is happy today and in good health.

9. He came to the world after 25 weeks

He was able to post a hopeful smile after being in danger. He is now safe despite the fact that he weighed only 950g at birth.

10. Born only 31 weeks

Despite the fact that his basic weight was only 2 pounds, he was able to win the very first fight of his life as a survivor.

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