"Hell Is Approaching": Meteorologists Warn That A Devastating Heat Wave Will Hit The World

Man people the earth, uses its riches to ensure its survival and its materials to protect itself. But this increased use of these resources has generated significant pollution and an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. The human being by creating material wealth has caused a warming of the temperature of the planet which shelters it. Heat waves, polar episodes and giant waves are expected in the coming years according to meteorologists.

These heat waves are more intense and at higher temperatures are becoming more intense. They are so called because they are characterized by a high heat day and night. The reason behind this increase in the night temperature is a phenomenon that is called urban heat islands.

At nightfall, the usual scenario would be a cooling of the temperature. But the materials that make up roads and buildings in the city absorb heat during the day to free them in the evening. These heat waves are indicative of variations in the Earth's climate, they actually doubled between the 1990-2010 period compared to the period between 1950-1990.

Meteorologists Warn

In total, there are four levels of alertness regarding the heat wave:

- Level 1 (green) which equates to a seasonal watch

- Level 2 (yellow) which is a heat warning

- Level 3 (orange) which indicates an alert concerning a heat wave

- Level 4 and therefore the highest level which is a red code and encourages general mobilization.

During this period of heat wave, up to 78 departments were put in orange vigilance mode while 4 were decreed according to a red code, it is a unique case never yet occurred on the French soil.

Meteorological projections show that following the changes due to the phenomenon of global warming, the heat wave episode of 2003 will indeed be the norm for summer temperatures towards the end of the 21st century. Many countries will be affected because of the hot Saharan air which exceeded the records of temperature recorded previously. Countries with particularly high thermal thresholds include Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal and Poland.

What precautions to take in case of heat wave?
The summer period is already here, there are a series of precautions to take to protect you and ensure the well-being of your loved ones as well. Especially since with the aforementioned explanations, one is never safe from another wave of heat or heatwave. The Ministry of Solidarity and Health has developed some essential recommendations to take into account in case of heat wave.

- If in your group of friends or family you know a frail person, elderly or disabled living alone, you can register at the town hall to receive human assistance in times of high temperature.

- Make a list of air-conditioned places near you to cool off when needed: church, shops, cinema ...

- In times of high heat, do not stay isolated and keep in touch with your loved ones.

- Avoid going out between 11am and 4pm and avoid efforts during these hot periods.

- Refresh your interior during the day while keeping the windows closed during the day.

- Put loose clothes, light texture with light colors. Choose cotton clothes.

- Drink water regularly and keep it nearby.

- Do not drink alcohol during high temperatures.

- Use a fan and a fogger.

- In case of violent somatic symptoms such as headache, vomiting or loss of consciousness, call emergency number.

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