She Feels Bad Six Weeks After Childbirth But Her Doctor Tells Her A Big News

Life is capable of reserving us many surprises and putting us in situations that we absolutely did not expect. There are some who are unfortunately not happy. But for now, let's look at the fabulous experiences of this young Australian mother and her partner, relayed by our colleagues at News.com.au.

According to experts in the field of fertility, the age at which women are more likely to procreate is between 25 and 35 years of age. This period is generally characterized by pregnancies without particular risks as well as by more chances to give birth to a healthy baby. It is also good to know that a woman in this age group quickly regains fertility after any stop contraceptives, whatever the method in question.

Where things get less simple is from 35 years old. In other words, a woman over the age of thirty will have difficulty getting pregnant because of the decline in fertility. Knowing that even pregnancy in these conditions increases the chances of having problems and complications that may affect the mother or the baby, or both at the same time. It is therefore not without reason that many women wishing to give birth beyond this age resort to what is called "medically assisted procreation" (PMA).

New parents who thought they had reached the pinnacle of joy

Eliza and Ben fell in love when they first met. They then considered living together and building a real life of a couple around this love. Except that only 3 months after the beginning of their story, Eliza, then 27 years old, announces to her darling that she was pregnant. This news filled with joy the hearts of our two Australian lovebirds despite the fact that they have not been together for a very long time.

As with all couples, having a first baby is a totally new experience and, moreover, requires a lot of patience and investment. Little Charlie comes into the world, filling his parents. However, for her part, the young mother, although delighted by all the good news that followed one another, saw that she felt almost constant fatigue, as if she were emptied of all energy.

At first, she put her fatigue on the count of her new responsibilities as a mother, but she soon realized that there was something out of the ordinary about how she felt.

Could it be that she is still pregnant? A question that tickled her mind until she decided to take the plunge and get a pregnancy test at the pharmacy. And to his surprise, the result was against all odds, positive! She was suddenly torn between wonder and doubt about the outcome of the test she did.

Little Charlie, was not destined to stay alone for long
It took a total of 4 tests for the young mother's skepticism to dissipate and give way to a mixture of joy and amazement. But the Australian couple was not at the end of its surprises, because the doctor announced to them that they waited for the arrival of twins. Which meant that Charlie was already a big sister!

Both Ben and Eliza were very much admired because they were able to overcome the daunting challenge of taking two pregnancies as close together, including one with twins. The last two newcomers to the family are Jack Antony Richard and Wolfe George Harry. A family that will have grown faster than you could imagine, from 2 to 5 members in less than a year!

This succession of happy news has only strengthened the love of the two lovebirds, which has clearly convinced them to get married as soon as possible.
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