False Honey Floods Supermarkets: Here Are 5 Tips To Find It

At the supermarket, almost all honeys have the same texture and color, but are they all pure? Of course not, false honey can contain anything but the fruit of the spoils of bees. It is therefore important to know how to spot the false honey of the pure. In this article, NDTV Food, we reveal easy and simple tips to no longer be wrong on his honey!

In an article, it is mentioned that one-third of 2000 honey samples tested are not compliant. Indeed, it is difficult for border control authorities to identify false honey, but the law is not indifferent to this subject. In fact, from September 2019, it will require new directives for the labeling of honeys to help the consumer detect false honey. While waiting for this law to come into effect, here are easy and simple tips for detecting fake pure honey.

False Honey Floods

The difference between true and false honey

Honey is unanimous, an indispensable product for every household. Its health benefits are priceless without forgetting its delicious taste that is able to brighten your taste buds and brighten your plate.

Pure honey has been used as a folk remedy throughout history and has many health benefits. It is even used in some hospitals to treat wounds, but it is important to know that many of its benefits are specific to pure and not artificial honey.

You should know that artificial honey has been altered by different chemicals and industrial compounds, it may contain sugar syrup, invert sugar, starch, flour, glucose, corn syrup, molasses , dextrose or any similar product, other than flower nectar harvested, processed and stored by bees.

At first glance, artificial honey and real honey may look the same, so the risk of buying fake is very high. Here are several tests that can be used to differentiate between the two! It would be better to try several of these tests for better results.

1. The flame test
This trick has been used for decades. Light a cotton swab with fire and dip it in honey. Honey will burn if it is true and pure.

2. The microwave oven test
Place a sufficient amount of honey in a bowl that can go into the microwave and then put it in for 40 seconds. The sample will caramelize if it is real but if the honey is false it will become sparkling.

3. The storage test
Pure honey is filled with enzymes, including glucose oxidase, which removes water from the honey. Because of this, the honey will crystallize and become thicker when stored. In addition, the false version will remain the same regardless of the storage period.

4. The test of dissolution in water
Have a glass of water and add honey. Observe how the honey goes down into the glass and dissolves? Pure honey does not dissolve easily in water and requires a little effort so that its lumpy particles disappear completely. While false honey, in view of its high chemical content, will dissolve easily in the glass of water.

5. The test of the sheet of paper
In a piece of paper, add some honey and see if it will wet the paper or not. Pure honey remains in the same form and does not wet the paper unlike the artificial.

So what do you think about these tests? Try them today so you can spot the pure honey of the fake. Feel free to share these tips with your friends and family!

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