The Doctors Had To Amputate The Arm Of A Man After His Dinner

Finding the perfect recipe for dinner can be a real hassle for some people between the hectic pace of everyday life and the boring routine of the week's menu. Thus, we prefer to go out looking for new flavors, more exotic dishes or even those that can remind us of our origins.

It is also important to pay attention to the places that one frequents, in hygienic zeal, to the standards of quality as well as to the sense of responsibility of the owners of these establishments. A lack of attention can lead to disastrous consequences as evidenced by this story relayed by our colleagues at CNN.

To eat raw, what danger?

There are many dishes that contain raw meat, whether steak tartare or sushi. Raw eating has some benefits: it effectively preserves the vitamins and minerals that can be destroyed during the cooking process in addition to their satiety effect. The fact of not using fat for cooking allows for low fat dishes.

But the preparation of these dishes requires impeccable hygiene and a lot of professionalism under pain of contracting different parasites, poisoning in addition to pathogenic germs such as salmonella and anisakis that cause violent gastric pain.

For fishery products intended for consumption raw like certain types of fish, shellfish and cephalopods, it is recommended by the Ministry of Agriculture to consume them immediately or at most 48 hours after their purchase. It is also recommended to freeze products from wild fishing by having previously marinated in salt, lemon or herbs.

Consumption of raw fish and shellfish by pregnant women, the elderly, children and people with weak immune systems is not recommended.

For more precautions, it is better to freeze the fish to be able to consume it raw because it allows to kill the various parasites that it can contain.

An amputated arm after a dinner
Sushi is an Asian dish that has grown in popularity in the last decade. Its preparation based on tuna or raw salmon is a specificity but it is not without danger. For example, a 71-year-old South Korean man had his arm amputated, nearly losing his life after eating sushi.

After dinner, the man developed blisters and bruises. His dish was contaminated, which resulted in an infection that left him agonizing with pain.

Only 12 hours after tasting his dish, his hand had seriously inflated and a dubious liquid flowed.

The man in question was suffering from type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, and was undergoing treatment for end-stage renal failure.

Unsure of the disastrous and tragic sequence of events, this man goes to the emergency room. A cavity filled with blood measuring between 3.5 and 4.5 cm had formed above his hand while all along his arm was covered with edema.

Doctors who were very worried understood as soon as he had mentioned sushi that he was suffering from a bacteria that was feeding directly on his flesh.

A surgical operation was carried out as soon as possible to isolate the infection with Vibrio vulnificus, a potentially fatal bacterium. The doctors started by emptying the blisters while trying to remove what they could from the tissue infected by the bacteria. But despite the best efforts of the medical team, they lasted to a certain degree of evolution of the bacterium, amputating the old man's arm 25 days after admission to the emergency room.

The patient did very well and was able to enjoy a well-deserved recuperation period after an unexpected ordeal.
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