Young Dad Dies After A Toothache - His Family Wants To Raise Awareness About This Tragedy

A toothache can be painful, uncomfortable and disabling. Nevertheless, few people are aware of the dangers that this pain can cause. Still, a dental infection can become life-threatening, and what seemed like trivial hot and cold sensations, redness or swelling, can quickly turn into a serious, life-threatening illness. It was unfortunately the fate of this young father. Discover his tragic destiny relayed by our confreres of FoxNews.

Doctissimo reports that a study revealed that 59% of French people do not make the link between oral health and overall health. Indeed, 32% of them are aware of poor dental health. Although 85% think they are in good general health.

Also, according to WHO, 15 to 20% of middle-aged adults in the world suffer from severe periodontal disease that can cause tooth loss and overall, 30% of people aged 65 to 74 do not have natural teeth. Yet the organization believes that oral health is essential for the general condition and quality of life.

A deadly tooth ache
Vadim Anatoliyevich Kondratyuk was barely 26 years old and was the happy father of two little girls. A truck driver by profession, he lived in Sacramento and was on his way to New York when he began to have a severe mouth ache.

His family told CBS News that the young man stopped in Oklahoma to see a dentist who was able to examine his infection, clean it and prescribe antibiotics.

However, when she arrived in New York, the pain resumed and the inflammation in her mouth worsened. His brother, who was accompanying him, therefore decided that it would be safer to take him home.

As his condition worsened on the way, the two young men stopped at a hospital in Utah. Four days later, Natalya, his wife, received a phone call from a doctor, announcing the ultimate tragedy. He explained to the family that the dental infection had progressed and spread throughout his body. The young dad's lungs were filled with fluid, which prevented him from breathing on his own. The antibiotics were unfortunately not powerful enough to fight the infection, and his heart finally let go.

Bereaved, Natalya told the local Sacramento Bee newspaper, "We prayed for him that day, all night, hoping he would survive. But it was the will of God. We talked with the doctors who told us how it all happened (...) The cure was simply impossible. His condition was getting worse. "

To raise funds to cover the funeral and living expenses of his family, they have created a Gofundme page. The words that his people used to describe him were particularly touching: "Vadim was a very humble and calm person. A father, a husband, a brother, a son and a wonderful friend. He always put the others before him (...) He had a special relationship with his two daughters and loved spending time with his family. "

The dangers of an untreated dental infection
A bacterial infection that develops in the mouth can cause a tooth abscess. In other words, a pocket of pus that develops and can be very dangerous if not treated.

Symptoms of a dental abscess include:
  • severe, persistent and throbbing toothache that can spread to the jaw, neck and ears
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Sensitivity of teeth when chewing or biting something
  • An unexplained fever
  • Swelling in the cheek or face
  • Inflammation under the jaw or at the level of the neck
  • A sudden rush of salty and nauseating liquid in the mouth
  • Difficulty swallowing or breathing

It is important to know that a dental abscess will not go away without treatment. Even if the abscess breaks down and the pain decreases considerably, it does not mean that you no longer need dental treatment. If the abscess does not empty, the infection can spread to your jaw and other areas of your head or neck. You may even develop sepsis, a life-threatening infection that spreads throughout your body. Also, if your immune system is weakened and you do not treat your abscess, the risk of it spreading in your body increases.
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