This Woman Divorce After 44 Years Of Marriage And Metamorphoses After A Makeover

Relax, take care of yourself, your body and your mind is good and every human being deserves. A new haircut, a more up-to-date makeup or a wardrobe renewal, can bring a phenomenal transformation allowing the person to feel good about themselves and especially to feel more confident and younger. The case of a divorced woman after 44 years of marriage, relayed by our colleagues at UNILAD, shows us its real transformation after a makeover.

Senior divorce is no longer a taboo nowadays
This "disunity" whether it is a choice or a circumstance is not obvious for people who have arrived at a later age. Solitude sets in and questions abound in the mind and it is difficult for many women to embrace this new way of life gracefully and resiliently. But this may be possible over time.

In Club 50 plus, we clearly talk about the consequences of divorce after 50 years, which sometimes result in depression. But there is also the possibility of reconsidering divorce as a new stage in life to announce a new beginning.

The divorce considered previously as a taboo, especially at an advanced age is not any more today and is even part of manners. And for many divorced, it is a new beginning to be with oneself, to really discover and refocus more on one's dreams and goals. These seniors prefer to spend the rest of their lives with the person who will be most suited to them. And even if they must remain single, they make this choice while being fulfilled, expanding their circle of friends, playing sports and why not taking care of them, even to afford a makeover that will transform them and give them a touch of youth; so everyone will find his account.

The makeover of Vicki, divorced after 44 years of marriage
This woman divorce after 44 years of marriage and metamorphoses after a makeover

Vicki is a woman who has gone through a hard life and has seen her marriage collapse after 44 years of living with her husband. She spent all these years focusing on her husband and after her divorce, she was scared and panicked about her future and her celibacy worried her the most.

She did not trust her anymore and felt bad about herself. But her desire to get away had taken over and she said she was ready to become beautiful as before.

Since then, she has not hesitated to contact the famous makeup artist Christopher Hopkins, called "The Makeover Guy" to transform it; she knew he would respect his personality and make it dazzling.

Indeed, Christopher knew how to bring out his inner beauty through a haircut and a dye adequate to his complexion, a makeup highlighting his eyes in light shades, whether in the color of the eyebrows or the bottom complexion. And as Christopher worked on makeup, his transformation became more and more obvious.

This woman divorce after 44 years of marriage and metamorphoses after a makeover

Vicki was at least 10 years younger and looked resplendent; she knows that today she can face her new life with confidence and serenity, for a new beginning.

And you, what do you think of Vicki's transformation?

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