This Woman Is Crying On The Grave Of Her Fiance In Wedding Dress

Losing one's husband is a devastating moment, especially when death suddenly arises. The announcement of the death of the loved one mixes with the shock of the situation and for many people, it is the descent into hell. Indeed, it is difficult to cope with a situation that we have not seen coming. In a story relayed by our colleagues from CBS News, a young woman named Sara Baluch finds herself crying her dead fiancé in a wedding dress.
Mourning a loved one is a painful experience that each person goes through in their own way. In such difficult situations, there is no right or wrong answer, only efforts to get better. For this young woman a few days before her marriage, losing her fiance will change her life for the worse. Discover his sad story ...

A sad day
For Sara Baluch, 22, and Mohammed Sharifi, 24, their wedding weekend was going to be the best time of their lives. Already married in Iran where Sharifi is from, the young couple was waiting to formalize their union on the US territory. Unfortunately, just days before the celebrations, the unthinkable happens.

Following a transaction where Sharifi was to sell his game console, the young man is shot in a parking lot by a man named D'Marcus White met on Facebook Marketplace. Sara will learn the sad news from her mother-in-law and will see her worst fears confirmed after she arrives at the hospital. She confides in CBS: "It was unreal. They took me to her room. Even seeing him, I still did not believe it. "

Following the shock announcement, the young woman quickly realized that instead of getting ready to go to her wedding, she will have to go to a funeral. Drawing on her courage in the love she feels for her fiancé, Sara will make the decision to go to her grave three weeks after her wedding dress funeral, fulfilling her wish to see her as his wife.

An extremely difficult and yet therapeutic situation for the young woman, it will allow her to give free rein to her emotions and to feel close to the one she loves with all her heart. She tells,

"I was sitting next to him and I could feel his presence. It was like he was crying by my side "

Accompanied by her family and that of the deceased, Sara can not help but collapse in the face of the injustice of the situation. Indeed, the young man was about to get his university degree and he will have enough of a bullet to deprive this couple of future full of hope that awaited them.

Coping with the death of a spouse
Losing a loved one is devastating, especially when this situation arises from an act of violence. Indeed, the circumstances of the death of a spouse have a real impact on the perception of the person in mourning. As explained by The National Center for Victims of Crime, the latter, who is almost a survivor, will have to go through a painful ordeal and will have to be extremely patient to see her pain subside.

On the other hand, the emotions sometimes tend to be chained in disconcerting ways and for good reason, giving meaning to a dramatic event is difficult and takes time to be assimilated. According to this organization, various reactions can occur during bereavement, including a feeling of lethargy, hypersensitivity, confusion or fear. In order to cope, it is recommended to follow one of these suggestions:

Group therapy
Sharing your story with people who have gone through the same experience can sometimes ease the pain. This shows the bereaved person that she is not alone and that the people with whom she communicates understand her pain.

Admit the loss of the beloved
One should not be afraid to give free rein to one's feelings in mourning. It is even advisable to express oneself through creative means such as writing or drawing to externalize the pain.

Be patient
It must be understood that there is no shortcut to heal his heart and that only time is able to heal the wounds of life. In addition, you have to be patient with people around you. Know that even if they are sometimes clumsy, it is often the result of attempts to communicate to help you.

Recognize your limits
If some everyday tasks seem too difficult for you or you simply do not have the energy to do them, do not hesitate to ask for help around you. For each period of mourning, it is necessary to surround yourself with a strong support system.
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