This Woman Chose To Be Buried Alive With Her Husband To Stay With Him For Eternity

It's an incredible story. Some people are so insecure that they have actions beyond all understanding. One would believe this testimony out of a novel so it seems crazy and insane. 3000 years ago, a woman lost her husband. She decides to be buried alive with him. A few millennia later, archaeologists found their bodies entwined. A story relayed by our colleagues from the Daily Mail that leaves us somewhat troubled.

This woman could not accept the death of her husband. She then took a reckless act worthy of a film with rose water. She buried herself alive near her deceased husband. These events date back to the Bronze Age and were commonplace at that time. Back on the story of a weeping widow who could not bear to live a second away from her husband. An archaeological discovery that is not so rare in a region of southern Ukraine.

She lets herself be buried
The photo is striking. Incredibly romantic but also terribly sinister, we see entwined skeletons. But what is the story behind these corpses found in a coffin in Ukraine? According to the archaeologists' assumptions, the woman deliberately buried herself to stay close to her husband. Autopsy experts said it was impossible to see the skeletons in such a position in the casket if the wife was already dead. A mysterious phenomenon at first sight but quite explicable. The scientists said she had swallowed poison before being buried next to her late husband, whom she was hugging.

Everlasting love
The least we can say is that this couple is connected forever since the Bronze Age. Professor Mykola Bandrivski, who conducted a study on couple funerals, took a close look at this story. "It's a unique burial. A woman holding her husband tightly in her arms in the heart of a grave is simply extraordinary. " Did he declare. The brows were against each other as if they were looking at each other. These hugging remains are witnesses to an extraordinary love that defies understanding and rationality. This couple inspired the creators of the time. Several craftsmen of the time paid tribute to them by sculpting them in bronze objects. This act seems crazy but according to specialists it can be motivated by cultural reasons.

According to archeology specialist Dr. Brandvinsky, this case is far from isolated. During his career, he discovered several bodies buried together in very tender positions. A man kissing his wife's forehead, women hugging their husbands, all the evidence that "marital" burials were rooted in the heart of this civilization. The expert explains: "Maybe the woman was afraid of having a new lifestyle and did not want to be with another man."

Marriage in this city of Ukraine was sacred. At that time, there was a strong belief in the eternal value of the soul. The Ukrainian archaeologist explains: "In other European countries too, there are bodies of spouses lying next to each other. But in our culture, the dead can be arranged to show the great tenderness and sympathy they had for each other. " A marked phenomenon in this culture of Eastern Europe testifying to an eternal devotion for her husband / wife.
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