Parents, Wake Up! A New Internet Challenge Threatens The Lives Of Your Children

A new internet challenge threatens the lives of your children

When it comes to absurd challenges and extremely dangerous for children, Internet users seem to have no limit. Number of views, clicks and shares, the reasons are not lacking to justify the unthinking actions of many people, especially children too young to understand the consequences of their actions. Relayed by our fellow Washington Post, it is the turn of the "Hot Water Challenge" to make its first victims.

Being a parent is not easy and for good reason, children are often unaware of the dangers that lie ahead. Eager to have fun and experiment to the full, they do not sort the challenges that circulate on the Internet and are tempted by very dangerous games. Increasingly popular among young people, the Hot Water Challenge is the latest to send children to the hospital. Zoom on a real danger.

A new internet challenge threatens the lives of your children

What is the "Hot Water Challenge"?
Released on the networks as a deadly trend, the "Hot Water Challenge" or boiling water challenge usually takes place on pajama nights with friends. As its name suggests, the concept is relatively simple: pour boiling water on yourself or another person, or drink this hot water with a straw.

Very bad joke or challenge between young people to show who is the most "cool" of the band, the "Hot Water Challenge" would be according to Cosmopolitan magazine the successor of the Tide Pod Challenge, challenge of ingesting a capsule of detergent by adolescents and film the first minutes of their reaction.

Indeed, the ridiculous yet deadly inventions are not lacking and as little fall into the hands of children too curious, they send their victims to the hospital for sure.

A new internet challenge threatens the lives of your children

Many victims
When you know that the water boils at 100 ° Celsius, it's not difficult to imagine the damage it can cause. Ingested or in contact with the skin, its repercussions are extremely dangerous and do not fail to take the life of some. This is the sad case of little Ki'ari Pope who died at the tender age of 8 after trying to reproduce the challenge videos posted on YouTube. Accompanied by her cousin, the girl drank boiling water which led to her hospitalization and respiratory problems which she unfortunately did not survive.

Another victim of the Hot Water Challenge is 15-year-old Nickolas Conrad. In an interview with THV11, a CBS affiliate, the boy and his mother tell how his friends poured hot water on his neck while he slept on a slumber party.

A new internet challenge threatens the lives of your children

He explains, "I felt a horrible burn in my neck and I woke up screaming and crying."

"It was the worst pain of my life. They are no longer my friends and they do not risk to become again.

Tips for parents
In the face of the dangers of the Internet, parents must show unwavering vigilance. Dangerous games and suicide missions, these challenges sometimes interfere in the lives of children without the family realizing it. . To this end, CNN offers parents many tips to follow before it's too late:

A new internet challenge threatens the lives of your children

Talk it over
Although most of these challenges may not happen in your presence, make sure that your child considers your decision by saying, "If you ever want to make an internet challenge, come to me. speak first.

Push them to think
Show your child that before taking on a challenge, you have to think carefully about what might go wrong when you put it into practice.

Talk about the pressure around them
Ask them the right questions by asking what really motivates them to want to perform a challenge. Do they want to do it for themselves or because a celebrity has done the same thing on YouTube?

Stay up to date
Communicating with your child is essential. Ask questions about friends, school and activities while keeping an open mind. If you are worried about your child's response, do not hesitate to ask him what he thinks about these challenges and if he will see them come true.
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