Mom Sells Dead Son's Crib At Garage: A Few Days Later, The Buyer Comes Back And Asks Him To Look In The Trunk Of His Car

Mom Sells Dead Son's Crib At Garage

Getting pregnant and knowing that a life is growing in your womb is a wonderful feeling for any woman. However, miscarrying or giving birth to a stillborn baby can be tragic and lead the mother into a perinatal mourning that is sometimes difficult to overcome and can last for a long time. This is the case of this mother who saw her baby dying in her womb. After deciding to sell her business with which she wanted to welcome, she receives a nice surprise, report our colleagues Dailymail.

Stillbirth or intrauterine death is the subsequent delivery of a dead baby that occurs beyond 20 weeks of complete gestation. The majority of stillbirths occur before delivery, while a small percentage occurs during delivery.

Mom Sells Dead Son's Crib At Garage

Why stillbirths happen?
Placental Problems: Women with placental abruption, or a form of pregnancy-related hypertension called preeclampsia or pregnancy-induced hypertension, are twice as likely to rupture or stillbirth as non-affected women. Sometimes, a lack of oxygen and nutrients can also contribute to the baby's death.

Congenital malformations: Sometimes a baby has structural malformations that are not caused by chromosomal abnormalities but may have genetic, environmental or unknown causes.

Restricting growth: Babies who do not grow or grow at an appropriate rate risk death by asphyxia (lack of oxygen) both before and during birth.

Infections: Bacterial infections between 24 and 27 weeks of gestation may result in death of the fetus. These infections usually go unnoticed by the mother and may not be diagnosed until they lead to serious complications.

Unfortunately, despite efforts to find out why, the cause can not be determined for about one-third of stillbirths.

After a stillbirth, the mother may be very affected by this event and suffer from long-term bereavement. Such was the case with this bereaved mother who, after a while, wanted to sell the business of her long-awaited baby, but the surprise was very touching.

Mom Sells Dead Son's Crib At Garage

A bereaved mother
Valerie Watts from Cokato, Minnesota, USA, was pregnant in her ninth month of pregnancy and had everything ready for the birth of her son.

But just a few days before her due date, she felt something was wrong. Her baby did not move as before.

It turned out later that his son Noah had died in his womb before being born. Valerie was devastated and sank into deep mourning. Besides, she did not have the courage to get rid of her son's affairs for more than a year, the room of her unborn child had remained intact.

After a year of her son's death, Valerie finally decided to sell in a garage sale the cradle in which she hoped to host Noah, since keeping the cradle was a constant reminder of her death.

A man named Gerald Kumpula had come to the flea market, saw the furniture and immediately asked Valerie how much she wanted it. They agreed on a price, then Gerald left with the cradle.

Mom Sells Dead Son's Crib At Garage

Discovering the meaning
Gerald had no idea of ​​Valerie's tragedy, nor of the meaning of the cradle for her, nor of the fact that it was the last physical memory she had of her dead son. He had simply assumed that she was selling items she no longer needed.

Gerald's wife had a little chat with Valerie and she was shocked when she told him what had happened. When she returned home, she told the story to her husband Gerald, and it was then that Gerald realized how important the cradle was for the bereaved mother.

However, Gerald also realized that the cradle could not stay with Valerie forever, at least in its present form. And since he is a carpenter, he immediately had an idea. He turned the cradle into a beautiful chair that Valerie could keep forever as a souvenir of her son.

Mom Sells Dead Son's Crib At Garage

The nice surprise
A week after buying the crib, Gerald returned to see Valerie with the precious gift. The cradle, once unused and a painful reminder of Noah, was now a beautiful chair that could remain forever in his house, and in his heart.

Valerie was very touched by this beautiful gesture and had tears in her eyes when she saw what Gerald had done. A gesture of great kindness.

Many parents, unfortunately, know what it's like to be in Valerie's place, and know that grief remains in the heart after the loss of a child. Feel free to share this very touching story!
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