Kirk Douglas, 101 Years Old And His 99 Year Old Wife Are Still Inseparable After 64 Years Of Happy Marriage, Here Are Their Secrets

Kirk Douglas

American cinema icon Kirk Douglas, now 101, was seen with his 99-year-old wife, Anne Buydens, driving through Beverly Hills, California, in a wheelchair. Always admired for her acting talent, class and elegance, the Hollywood star is considered the star of the golden age of cinema. Mirror portrays the mythical actor who never ceases to amaze us.

A Hollywood couple in high profile right now
Married for 64 years, Kirk Douglas and his wife have always played the card of discretion by avoiding the media. However, they have recently been seen with their caregivers on the streets of Beverly Hills enjoying the sun. Their elegance has not ceased to amaze the canvas and moreover the legendary chic Douglas is still relevant if we believe the pictures.

101 years old and his 99 year old wife

The legendary actor, in his film career, has been successful through several films, including Spartacus 2000 leagues under the sea or Lust for Life in which he played the role of the artist Vincent van Gogh.

And it was during this glorious time in 1954 that he met his wife Anne Buydens, actress and producer.

In addition, the couple is already preparing to celebrate the 102nd birthday of the famous Kirk. The latter with his overflowing energy can even surprise his son Michael Douglas who said in an interview that his father continued to train with a sports coach even 101 years.

Could this be the secret of Mr. Kirk's longevity, or his happy marriage? Probably both!

Is there a secret of longevity?
Most people aged 80 and over hope to live long enough to see or dance in weddings with their grandchildren while enjoying good health. And we often hear about centenarians who arrive even at the age of 110 and even more and who up to now are the subject of studies on the secret of good aging. Indeed, these people are aging while keeping fit, not suffering from any pathology related to old age such as cardiovascular disease or dementia.

According to Webmed, genetics play an important role in the good aging but only represent 20 to 30% of the causes of longevity; the secret might lie in the way of life. Indeed, adopting a healthy lifestyle including a healthy diet and physical activity contribute to a good extent to increase longevity. More in-depth research has been carried out in some areas of the globe including a large part of the centenarians and called "blue zones", to discover, for this purpose, that their inhabitants had several points in common, namely:

· A diet based on vegetables, seeds and legumes
· Activities in nature such as walking or gardening
· Have a purpose in life
· Take a nap or take a rest during the day
· Avoid overeating and stop doing so after sunset
· Increased socialization to maintain a good relationship rate.

Thus, in the same context, The Harvard Gazette, in tackling the subject of aging, has discovered that, apart from genetics, which certainly plays an important role in aging, our relationships as well as our joie de vivre have a significant impact on health. And as Robert Waldinger, a psychiatrist and study director, says, taking care of your body is important, but maintaining relationships is even more important.

101 years old and his 99 year old wife

Indeed, according to this study, harmonious social relations seem to be more important than celebrity or wealth. They allow people to stay happy and satisfied, away from irritation, bad mood and anger. They also contribute to the development of the happiness of the elderly, which helps to ward off physical and mental decline.

Moreover, and always in the same content of the study, the researchers revealed that a happy conjugal relationship largely contributed to maintaining perfect health in all respects. And as Dr. Waldinger continues, good relationships and empathy protect both our body and our brain and remain the key to good aging.
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