11 Habits That Prove You Have A Hidden Depression

There is a noticeable difference between a feeling of sadness and a depressive disorder. Sadness is a kind of fleeting cloud, when the depression is a continuous and perpetual fog. Depressive disorder is a condition that negatively affects your emotions, mood, rationality and behavior. This can cripple your life, preventing you from performing your normal daily tasks.

According to The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DMS-5), a manual of diagnosis and statistics of mental disorders, you suffer from depression if you have at least five of these symptoms for a minimum of two weeks:
  • You are sad and moody all day, especially in the morning
  • You feel extreme fatigue and have no energy
  • You feel useless and a feeling of guilt is constantly eating away at you
  • You can not concentrate and have memory problems
  • You sleep very little or much too much
  • You have lost interest in the things that make your life
  • You have suicidal thoughts
  • You have eating disorders and have lost or on the contrary gained a lot of weight.

Nevertheless, sometimes, depression can be barely apparent or detectable. This is called a hidden or hidden depression. It is the most dangerous form of depression since people who suffer from it usually prefer to fight against their own demons without admitting that they have a problem. They are in denial, which makes things very complicated.

11 Habits That Prove You Have A Hidden Depression

The 11 signs of a hidden depression

You constantly pretend that everything is fine
You are expressive and do your best to hide your malaise. This can sometimes seem excessive because you provide a tremendous effort to make others believe that all is well. Several great personalities have suffered from a hidden depressive disorder: Bill Hicks, Robin Williams or Jim Carrey. Yet all these people had a strong character on the screen, they made us laugh, and gave the impression of being positive and fulfilled.

You are pessimistic
You always expect the worst, and have a hard time chasing those black thoughts that constantly come to haunt your mind. You have the impression that the worst is yet to come and can not regain confidence in the future.

Your mood affects your eating habits
You can not keep the same eating habits. Some days you almost do not eat, when others, you eat excessively. Appetite for a vital role, and the brain controls this factor. However, a person who suffers from hidden depression will be unable to take control of his desires.

You suffer from emotional insecurity
You do not trust anyone and have a visceral fear of abandonment. You fall back on yourself and can not open yourself to others because you are convinced that everyone will eventually disappoint you.

Looking for a meaning to things
You think too much and need to find meaning in the slightest event in your life. You have a hard time letting go and letting things go. You go to great lengths to find answers, and sometimes you just have to let yourself live.

Your head is an incessant din
You do not stop thinking and thinking even when your ideas are messy. You have the impression that your brain never stops and it plunges you into endless despair.

You master perfectly the art of hiding your emotions
You wear a mask at all times to avoid showing your vulnerability. You do not dare to confess that you are going wrong, for fear of being judged or considered a weak person. You spend your time misleading those around you about your real feelings and this creates even more confusion in your mind.

You are on the defensive
You are irritable and feel that everyone is attacking you. So you build a kind of wall around you that protects you from others and prevents them from reaching you.

You do not think you need anyone
You are convinced that no one can help you get by or solve your problems. You think that you are quite capable of managing your own ill-being because no one can really understand what you are experiencing.

10) You have a disturbed sleep
As for appetite, your sleep pattern is in the extremes. There are days when you can barely sleep and others where you will spend the day sleeping.

11) You secretly send emergency signals
Like everyone else, you need an attentive ear and a shoulder on which you can cry and release your deep sadness. Too proud, you can not ask for help clearly, but deep in you, you desperately need a hand up and help you out of your pit.

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