A 105-Year-Old Grandfather Says I Love You To His 100-year-Old Wife In A Moving Video

Seeing centenarians love each other with such a strong love can only be moving. This 105-year-old grandfather declares his love for his 5-year-old wife as the youngest in video. Filmed by their grandson, they are very cute and hold hands. The centenarians have been dating since the 2nd World War and are still very much in love. Marcia, Arthur's wife is unfortunately unable to communicate but her eyes are so expressive when her husband holds her hand! This story is relayed by our colleagues from the Daily Mail and melts us.

These centenarians are witnesses of history and their love has gone through the decades. Their grandson wanted to immortalize their mutual tenderness through the lens of his camera. Unfortunately, 100-year-old Marcia can no longer speak but she is still moved to see her 5-year-old husband her eldest. These deans of love make our hearts capsize!

These two were celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary. Arthur and Marcia, two New Yorkers, are one of the oldest American couples. They knew the second world war and are still in love today. Their grandson, director has decided to film their meeting and it puts in agitation. Here is an excerpt from this unique moment.

An unwavering love
Despite the difficulties of his wife to communicate, Marcia shows her unconditional love by kissing Arthur's hand. He makes a burning statement while she is lying on her hospital bed. It can be said that this old couple has experienced an undying love. Here are very beautiful shots of their unforgettable moments.

It is their grandson, Gabe Jacobs, who wanted to film their 80-year-old oak wedding. Also moved, he said, "My grandparents are incredible. Arthur was born August 9, 1912 and is not stingy with beautiful words for his wife. "I love you and I have loved you for 80 years my darling. We can say that it's been a long time. A very beautiful declaration of a centenary for whom love is always very lively.

A nice story
Marcia can not communicate otherwise than saying hello. But she always understands the words of her relatives by answering with smiles and gestures. Her grandson feels proud to witness such a scene and does not hide it: "Arthur is a beautiful person who is incredibly in love with Marcia. It is very sad that Marcia can not communicate anymore. I am very proud to be the grandson of these unique people "

The centennial couple met on the benches of the university. Arthur worked for the War Commission in Washington and holds a PhD in economics.

Marcia was a director in a center for social services for the elderly. The couple lived for a few years in Larchmont and Rye, both cities in the state of New York.

The video of the two spouses did not leave the marble surfers moved by this love. It has been seen by more than 25,000 people and has had many reactions. "It's the definition of love", "It's a blessing, congratulations ..." So many comments that show the emotion of the people who fell on this couple whose love does not dull with the years . We wish them good years and always so much love!

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