These Two Twin Sisters Are Born With Different Skin Colors, Look How They Look Today

Two Twin Sisters Are Born With Different Skin Colors

Giving birth to twins is always good news and what a surprise when they are born with a different skin color. Moreover, Kian and Remee, binoculars of different colors, continue to cause astonishment of those who cross them because it is an extremely rare genetic case. This story straight from England is relayed by our colleagues from the Daily Mail.

Many years after birth, these twins always arouse the interest and astonishment of the public. And for good reason, these sisters do not have the same skin color even if a minute separate them. The reason: an extremely rare genetic case.

Kian and Remee, binoculars with different skin color

Kian and Remee were born in April 2005 after their mother gave birth by caesarean section. Their mother remembers this birth like no other.

"Remee's hair was blond, Kiam was black. For me it was my children and they were just normal. I thought they would be more like time, "recalls the young mother.

Two Twin Sisters Are Born With Different Skin Colors

But the more time passed and the twin sisters seemed different. Kian's eyes changed and were no longer blue. Remee's skin has thinned and her hair has remained blond. This difference caused those who came across the twins to ask a lot of questions. Questions that left the mother at least upset.

"People were asking me why I dressed my children the same way. I just said, "Because they're twin," and I let them torture their minds. At first, I was irritated by these questions but everyone around me knew they were twins. It was only strangers who made the remark, "recalls Kylee, the mother.

And their difference does not stop with their skin color. They did not learn to walk and talk at the same time although the first word they uttered was the same (the word "Juice"). Their characters are opposite as the mother likes to explain:

"Kian is a little bossy and does not hesitate to shout when something does not please him. As for Remee, she's less impulsive and always thinks before doing something. "

Their interests also diverge. Kian loves animals and Remee loves cooking. What brings them together is the music. The twins love the same music. They like to dance together on the same tracks, mostly Rihanna and Lady Gaga hits.

Kian and Remee get along very well. Kylee testifies: "They are best friends. They play together all the time, go swimming, read books and help each other all the time. "

Their different skin color is explained because they are dizygotic twins, that is, they are not from the same egg. However, the twins do not seem to care about this difference.

"They do not pay attention to their difference in skin color. They grew up in school with people from all walks of life. They are just themselves. They do not see what others see. "

The "false twins" or dizygotic twins
This exceptional case is explained by the presence of two spermatozoa in two different eggs. These are often children from mixed couples. If the parents are from a miscegenation, they carry genetic codes corresponding to the two skin colors. It is possible that the child is white even if the parents are mestizo. If there is enough genetic information corresponding to a mixed skin, the child may have darker skin. According to the INED (National Institute for Demographic Studies), there are approximately 12,458 twins born in France (out of 724,925 deliveries), two-thirds of whom are dizygotic twins.

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