I Stood There Holding My 3-month-old Baby Boy As She Sent Me Pictures Of An Ultrasound Of The Baby Growing In Her Stomach. I Was Speechless. But I Also Knew. Deep Down I Knew.

Having a child is an extraordinary experience, unfortunately the natural design is sometimes difficult. In these cases, many couples are turning to adoption, as we will see through the experience of Heather Crockett Oram. However, it will not go exactly as planned. Zoom on a wonderfully singular story ...

Despite being a sometimes chaotic and cumbersome administrative process, adoption represents for many families the ultimate fulfillment of their parental instinct.

One baby, then two, then three ...
At just six weeks, Heather Crockett Oram is forced to have the ovaries removed, putting an end to any natural conception in the future. It is only at the age of 13 that she really realizes the magnitude of the situation, and that her anxieties begin to multiply. As she explains to LoveWhatMatters: "My biggest fear growing up was knowing that I will have to one day announce this news to my future husband".

Years later, Heather's fears disappear when she meets Jason, already a single father of two. After explaining her tears to her, she finds incredible support in her companion that leads them to adopt. They decide to make themselves known on social networks, through Facebook, Instagram and some online adoption sites.

After many false profiles trying to contact them, Heather and Jason receive a message from a woman on Facebook, explaining that her friend is pregnant and that she is looking for adoptive parents. Overjoyed, the young couple thinks that luck finally smiles on them, but it is before realizing that the future mother will never send them any concrete proof of her pregnancy.

Far from losing hope, they decide to update their profile once more and are finally contacted by a girl. The latter being almost at the end of her pregnancy meets them at a dinner, and affected by their situation, asks if they want to adopt her future boy. Three weeks later, it is in the most extraordinary happiness that Heather and Jason welcome their first adoptive son, Andy.

Weeks pass, and Heather receives a message from the first woman who contacted them. She would have found another host family, but as she explains to the couple, her heart dictates that the place of her future baby is in the family Oram. For the first time, when Andy is just 3 months old, this woman sends the young parents an ultrasound of the baby. Heather says, "I was speechless. But I knew it. Deep inside me, I knew it. "

Six weeks later, Heather and Jason meet this pregnant woman, who is already the mother of three children, and witness the birth of their second boy, Ellis. In the space of four months, they become parents not of one, but of two wonderful children.

A few months later, the Oram family decided to hear from Ellis' biological mother, who was suffering from a difficult situation. Following their conversation, they decide to welcome Sean, the eldest of his children, just for a few days. The few days turn into a summer, and even before they realize it, Sean had already found his bearings within the family. So he calls his mother, and she authorizes him to stay, adding a third boy to the adopted babies, for a total of five Oram sons!

Open adoption, qu├ęsaco?
Heather and Jason Oram have decided to maintain an open adoption with the two biological mothers of their children, and do not fail to share happy moments with them. So what is open adoption?

As American Adoptions explains, open adoption is based on maintaining the link between birth parents, adoptive parents and the child through e-mails, sending photos, phone calls and even personal visits decided by the parents during holidays or birthdays. In this type of adoption that has appeared in the United States, there is no mystery: the child knows his biological parents and the story of his adoption.

This adoption is not approved by all, indeed, open adoption is a concept that is not widespread in France, and European experts remain skeptical about its impact on the psychology of the child.

In any case, she will have made Heather, Jason Oram and their children a very happy family, as Heather says: "The family does not rely exclusively on blood ties. It comes in many shapes and sizes. All that matters is love. "
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