The Secret Of Your Success Depends On Who You Marry, According To A Study

The true power of a man lies in the woman at his side. Going from Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Macron to Barack and Michelle Obama, the most iconic couples in our history all share the same thing: they have revolutionized the world hand in hand. One study looks at the secret of success, here are the results.

Whether in the personal or professional life, our success depends largely on the people around us, and this is especially true for couples. In fact, the ambition that may be lacking in one can be compensated by the other, and the difficulty of everyday challenges diminishes when two people face it in solidarity.

Social life is often focused on negative factors such as stress, researchers at The Carnegie Mellon University decide to focus on the opposite phenomenon, namely: what is the secret of success?

This study concerns 163 couples to whom psychologists from this university have proposed two options: solve a puzzle or compete for a prize. The results showed that partners played a crucial role in decision-making. Indeed, those who encouraged their companion leaned more toward competition, while couples where one partner was hesitant preferred to solve a puzzle. Six months later, this experiment showed that more competitive couples were happier and happier on a psychological level, unlike others who turned to the easy way.

Couples who support each other more easily accept challenges

In the face of risky situations, our decision-making is largely influenced by the encouragement or hesitation expressed by our partner. Indeed, support in a couple acts reassuringly when it comes to making difficult choices. Each person feels able to lift mountains through the presence of the other, and this is what allows some couples to seize opportunities that others will prefer to reject.

 Brooke Feney, lead author of the study and professor of psychology, explains: "Your other half can either push you to accept the opportunities that come your way, or hinder your ability to take risks that could eventually lead to your fulfillment. "

 "We realized that choices such as pursuing a career opportunity or expanding one's circle of friends were important to the long-term well-being of the couple"

It is true that some couples prefer to follow the path of caution, because this strategy gives them a sense of security against the unknown. Their risk-taking is minimal, but according to the researchers, this leads to negative repercussions on personal development. As their study shows, going through life as one would cross a minefield, frightened and hesitant, gives the feeling of living in half, and being aware of it is able to ruin our happiness in the long run.

The Secret Of Your Success Depends On Who You Marry, According To A Study

Famous emblematic couples confirm it ...

One only has to see the most famous couples in history to understand that showing support is a vital element that contributes to happiness and success. Many of them bear witness to this on a daily basis; they could never have succeeded without the presence of their partner by their side. Starting with Barack and Michelle Obama who have distinguished themselves as one of the most charismatic couples of the 21st century, this one tells in an interview with Oprah in 2011,

"Of course I could not have done anything without Michelle. You asked me earlier what keeps me healthy and balanced, which allows me to cope with the pressure. It is this young woman sitting by my side ... She was not only a remarkable first lady, but she was above all my lifeline. I depend on her at so many levels on a daily basis. "

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla are no exception to the list. In his opening speech at Harvard, the creator of Facebook can not help but pay homage to the one he considers the most important person in his life and describes their relationship as "his most precious project".

In fact, success takes on a whole different costume when it is shared. A relationship based on mutual support gives strength and courage on a daily basis to meet the biggest challenges!
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