Scientists Reveal That Women Are Happier With Less Handsome Men

Seduction is the number one step in a relationship, but is physical attraction the key to happiness? This is exactly the question that two American researchers looked at, the purpose of their study is to understand the relationship between physical attraction and happiness in a couple. And the verdict is final, women are happier with men less attractive. Explications!

How do you feel when you look at your body in the mirror? Do your hips seem too wide or your chest too small? Are you ashamed not to be as perfectly proportioned as you would like to be? Your body image is the perception you have of your own physical characteristics. This includes the way you see yourself when you look in a mirror, but most importantly, your inner vision of how you look to others.

Beauty or happiness?
You may think that your appearance is not quite up to scratch, but what you may not realize is that when you are dissatisfied with your body image, you can incorporate these negative perceptions of self into your relationships. Discomfort with your body can result in discomfort in your intimate relationship. In turn, your partner may feel that you are unhappy with the relationship in general and a vicious circle starts.

Indeed, a study published by our colleagues at Menshealth magazine revealed that heterosexual relationships tend to be more successful when the woman is the most attractive. The survey was conducted by PhD student Tania Reynolds and Assistant Professor of Psychology Andrea Meltzer from Florida State University.

The study looked at 223 couples of American honeymooners living in the Dallas area and married for less than four months. These heterosexual couples have agreed to be assessed for their attractiveness.

Each participant completed a long questionnaire, partly about their desire to follow a diet, in order to have a perfect and attractive body. A complete photo of each participant's body was taken and scored on a scale of 1 to 10. Two teams of evaluators looked at the photos: one at Southern Methodist University in Texas focused on attractiveness of the spouses face, while the other examined the attractiveness of the body.

The researchers found that when men were found to be more attractive than their partners, women felt inferior and this negatively affected their lives.

In other words, women whose husbands are less attractive have less need to diet to refine their figure, which has apparently made them much happier in their relationship.

The results of this research are disturbing and clearly show that women's motivation to maintain their bodies increases when the husband is attractive, something that impacts their self-esteem and psychological health.

In order to avoid the excessive reactions of some women, it is important that men support their wives and create a positive climate in the couple far from the imaginary ideals imposed by society.

The beauty of the heart is more important!
It is often said that physical beauty is temporary, what is in the heart will last forever. Outside beauty can turn heads at first, but it is easily forgotten when true nature is revealed. And if that nature is bitter, the face and the body do not matter.

Tania Reynolds explains in her study that one of the ways to help women to love and accept each other is because they are encouraged by their partner. The man must always remind his wife how beautiful and attractive she is, and especially how sincere and strong her feelings are, regardless of her weight or the type of her body.

It should not be overlooked that most of us like to be appreciated, so let us enjoy ourselves as we are and let love flow.

Love is easy when appreciation is the language used!

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