Sad, A Married Couple Who Have Been In Love For 62 Years Is Forced To Separate

The bond of marriage is a sacred bond that means living together until the end of your days and that everyone is there for each other in good times and bad. However, being forced to separate is the worst thing that can happen to a loving couple, especially in old age, like the 62-year-old married couple, reports the Huffington Post.

The power of marriage bond
Marriage is a personal, physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual bond between two people. This link is created for life. Therefore, they are required to live in all aspects of life, in their thoughts, their emotions, their desires, their goals, their actions, as two people who love and know each other well, and think nothing and do nothing without the other.

Marriage is a close union established between two human beings. Indeed, this union is so narrow, so binding, so powerful, so global and so vast that it can not be broken.

This bond of marriage implies that the two married people share the best and the worst, and that they live together until their last breath. It is one so that this bond is honored.

However, when the two partners find themselves separated in spite of themselves, this can be a source of profound sadness and heartbreak. This is the case of this couple after 62 years of marriage.

A painful separation
After 62 years of marriage, the Canadian couple Wolf and Anita Gottschalk faced their worst nightmare, were forced to live in different retirement homes and can no longer see each other every day.

The couple living in Surrey, British Columbia, have been living separately for eight months. Several times a week, a family member picks up Anita, 81, and takes her on a 30-minute ride to visit 83-year-old Wolf. Usually this is their granddaughter Ashley Bartyik's duty.

Ashley has appealed to Facebook to raise awareness of the unfortunate situation of her grandparents. In her message, she mentioned that Anita and Wolf, have dementia and recently diagnosed with lymphoma, and cry every time they see each other. She also said that the Canadian health care system could be held responsible for their prolonged separation.

Although Wolf's dementia has not yet affected her memory or love for Anita, Ashley fears they may not have much time before her health deteriorates further. So, in her Facebook post, which has been shared more than 5,000 times, Ashley has urged her friends to tell her grandparents' story:

"Exhausted financially, physically and emotionally, my family and I beg for your help, my friends. We contacted our local MP, Fraser Health, and conducted in-person investigations, but we had no response to our questions and concerns. We want justice done for my grandparents who, after 62 years together, deserve to spend their last moments in the same school. Thank you for sharing this and for identifying who needs to see this message to get the help we need! "

After a while since the publication of Ashley's message, the dream has finally become a reality and the couple was able to meet again under the same roof.

Ashley has posted on Facebook the video of the emotional reunion of her grandparents, and she thanked the health authorities for bringing Wolf and Anita closer, the media to have updated their situation and everyone have discussed and shared their story.

The video shows a very emotional moment when the couple met, a touching moment that brought tears of joy to everyone present.

Wolf and Anita can now live under the same roof for years to come, and they are very grateful. Feel free to share this touching story with your friends!

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