This Little Boy Realizes His Dream Of Becoming A Firefighter Before Dying

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The story of Trucker Dukes has changed many lives by touring social networks. Diagnosed with advanced neuroblastoma-type cancer, this little boy was awarded the honorary firefighter status, at the age of one year, in the New York Brigade. After fighting his illness with all his strength, Trucker unfortunately left us on March 3, 2017. Here is the story of a good little boy who deserves to be read by all.

In an article relayed by our colleagues at the Huffington Post, the story of Trucker Dukes makes us realize that life is short and that we must always go after our dreams, without ever giving up. Of Hawaiian origin, this little boy whose dad is a firefighter has always carried a fascination unrivaled in his work. As a child, he already saw himself putting on the uniform and wanted to become a hero too.

Neuroblastoma: childhood cancer
The Curie Institute describes neuroblastoma as one of the most common cancers in children. It is a solid, extra-cerebral malignant tumor that can easily switch from spontaneous regression to fatal progression. According to this same source, there would be 130 to 150 new cases per year in France and half of the children affected would be less than 2 years old. Unfortunately, the lack of awareness means that up to 60% of neuroblastomas are diagnosed at a stage already presenting metastases requiring intensive treatment.

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Trucker Dukes: our hero
After being diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma, Trucker leaves with his mom Shauna Dukes in New York to receive his treatment. During this time, the mother and her little boy stayed at the Ronald Mcdonald House, a charity organization for sick children. During a day of sightseeing through the city, they return to their home and find the fire brigade because of minor fire. When Trucker sees those he sees as his heroes, he runs and runs for them. Brigade Captain Jim Grismer recounts:

"I saw this excited little boy running towards me. I opened my arms and he literally jumped on me to hug me, as if we were brothers or friends for years "

This very strong moment that marked Captain Jim Grismer was immortalized through a photo that landed at the Fire Marshal's office. After seeing it, the latter immediately sends him a very special invitation. On May 31, 2016, Trucker Dukes is sworn in as junior firefighter of the brigade with whom he will celebrate his third birthday.

The memories of the little Trucker

After the illness worsened, parents of the brave little boy behind the #TruckerToughChallenge media campaign decided to bring their son home to his home in Maui, Hawaii.

His parents and three siblings do their best to make sure that Trucker gets the most out of his healthy days. They take him to British Columbia where they teach him to snowboard and create unforgettable memories.

After fighting the disease with all his strength, the little boy ends up leaving us on March 3, 2017. The announcement is posted on the Team Trucker Facebook page.

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In an interview with ABC News, her mom Shauna confides:

"Trucker's death is the most difficult experience we've had to go through. Now we want to celebrate the extraordinary life he has lived "
After the death of the boy, firefighters from the New York Brigade as well as those from Maui paid tribute to him by inscribing his name on their list of the Dead at
Fire. Since then, her parents have been doing their best to educate people about pediatric cancer. In a testimony given to the Maui News, Shauna recounts:

"I do not know what the future holds for us, but I will never stop raising awareness. I hope that someday there will be a less aggressive way to manage this disease for all other children "

For his part, Trucker's dad post a ripping message on the networks accompanied by a photo of the tomb of his little boy:

"It's quite strange, I feel relieved that this tombstone is there to honor you and pay tribute to your extraordinary life, but I also have heartbroken because you're no longer with us ... I miss you a lot, son, I feel that my heart has been torn out "

It is on the poignant message of this mourning father that the story of this story ends. Let's lift the veil on a cancer we do not hear enough about, and just like Trucker Dukes, let's fight this horrible disease.

 Rest in peace little trucker, your courage will never be forgotten.
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