The Way You Hold Hands With Your Partner Reveals Secrets About Your Relationship

Hands are one of the main parts of the body that you use most often. Your hands allow you to interact and communicate with people, even without having to express themselves in words. When it comes to a person with whom you have special ties, especially in a romantic relationship, the gestures of your hands reveal some secrets about your relationship.

Holding hands
A large amount of oxytocin is released when you hold the hand of our partner, which has the same effect as kissing.

The emotional quality of each relationship is defined by the physical connection you have with your partner, and one of them is the way you hold your hand. Holding hands reflects your familiarity, dominance or submission to your partner.

Action is always more expressive than words, so in any relationship, holding hands says a lot and reveals the secret of the nature of the bond you have with your partner. Touch is one of the most powerful signals with which humans express their affection and interest.

Here's what the way you hold hands with your partner reveals about your relationship.

1. The Down-Facing Palm
This gesture reveals that the person has a stronger personality, who always takes initiatives and who is also very decisive. The explanation is that whoever has the palm of the hand down usually takes a more dominant role in the relationship.

This is often interpreted as a protective attitude. Many men tend to do this, especially if they hold their partner's hand across the road, especially when they cross busy intersections. This gesture also reveals that there is a lot of affection between the two partners.

2. The One-Finger Handhold
The person holding a finger actually expresses his tenderness and assurance for his partner. The secret of this gesture lies in the fact that they are independent and dynamic individuals, each with their passions and interests outside the relationship. They appreciate their space and their individuality, but both are connected to each other with strength and confidence.

3. The Interlocked Fingers
Those who cross their fingers holding hands are in a passionate relationship. They have passed the stage of craze and are more serene with each other. They care very much about each other and are also very comfortable, vulnerable and honest in their relationship.

4. The Over-The-Shoulder Lock
People who stand over the shoulder are very protective of their partner. This gesture reveals the secret of a stronger, more intimate and proud relationship, and the people who do it have no problem manifesting their love to each other in public.

5. The passive Hand Hold
In this position, you gently, but firmly, put your partner's hand into yours. This gesture shows that both of you are not sticky in the relationship, and you both have basic rules and well-established limits.

It's a great way to bring tenderness and sweetness to your relationship, but do not overdo it with a false affection in public.

6. The "My Lady" handle
It is the most royal handle of all. Often seen on wedding photographs, it shows a vitality in the relationship, but also a mutual protection.

You both have a very healthy and respectful bond based on trust and adoration.

7. The relaxed Lace
This handle is perhaps the most confident of all. It simply means that you and your partner have great mutual trust and that you have both reached a point in your relationship where you are both emotionally stable.

Although it is a relaxed handle on the outside, it gives you the opportunity to intimately caress your partner's hand and train him passionately towards you.

8. The Wrist Grab
On the surface, this grip by the wrist may seem a little more aggressive or too assertive. None of this is true. On the contrary, you do not just interlace your hands, you also cross the lower half of your arms.

This only makes the handle even more intimate and passionate, and the need to be with each other stronger.

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