A Firefighter Advises You Never To Leave The Door Of Your Child's Room Open At Night

A Firefighter Advises You Never To Leave The Door Of Your Child's Room Open At Night

We are never immune to a fire, the causes of which can be multiple, and the consequences are generally disastrous, causing poisoning, burns or even death. Some preventive measures are to be expected, among others that of closing the door of the children's room at night. This advice given by a firefighter, and relayed by THE Sun, helps to understand how a closed door can protect us from the misdeeds of a fire.

A closed door makes all the difference
According to a firefighter who has intervened in several fires, it is advisable for parents to leave the children's room door closed, at night while they sleep, to protect them from the consequences of smoke and flames. He emphasizes to this effect, that if inadvertently a fire breaks out in the middle of the night during their sleep, this gesture can make all the difference.

Even if it is difficult for parents to persuade children to sleep while closing the door of their room, the fact remains that this gesture must be obligatory, even if it means finding a way to convince them for their own security. Moreover, this speaker also gives the same advice when he intervenes during intervention programs in schools.

Also, the fire department shared the pictures of the door of a burned house, showing its appearance from the outside and the inside, which remain explanatory.

The outside of the door burned and blackened because of the fire, while the inside of the door kept its white color and was not damaged. Thus these photos show the need to close the door of the rooms to protect the people there and save their lives.

After this tragic episode, shared on social media, many people decided to change their habits and follow the instructions given by this firefighter in terms of prevention and safety. Moreover, some have even proposed that smoke detectors should be installed in all parts of the house. In France, according to the law n ° 2010-238 of March 9, 2010, it is mandatory to have at least a smoke detector in an apartment and a device per floor in a house.

What can be the consequences of a fire in a house?
It can be scary to imagine your house on fire but it is a tragic fact that can happen to anyone and at any time. A moment of forgetfulness or inattention and everything can catch fire and rock.

And contrary to what most people think, inhalation of smoke and more deadly than flames since it is toxic while the flames cause in most cases more or less significant burns.

Causes of fires
According to Detech Technologies, you should know that several factors can trigger a fire.

- Negligence or carelessness may be the cause, such as leaving a lighted candle or a cigarette butt not extinguished

- Defective electrical installation such as a defective power cable that can cause a short circuit, especially in older homes

Appliances, even new ones, must be disconnected after use as they may be the cause of the fires. Just as you have to be careful with old devices or extensions.

- Heating, such as the woodstove, must be given special attention and regular cleaning.

- Matchsticks and lighters, which should not be handled by children, can cause burns or fatal fires.

- A cooking pot or skillet burning on the fire without supervision can be a dangerous source of fire.

Safety and fire prevention measures

One of the urgent safety measures is to install a smoke detector in strategic areas of the house such as the kitchen, near rooms and potential sources of fire.

Other preventive measures must be respected, such as:

- Do not smoke inside the house. Besides, banish the cigarette will be better for the health.

- Never throw the contents of an ashtray into the trash bag.

- Heat sources should never be close to flammable materials.

- Ensure proper maintenance of the electrical wiring system.

- Keep fire extinguishing equipment nearby to extinguish fire before it becomes dangerous

- Do not leave electrical appliances on standby.

- Ramon chimney and ducts regularly...
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