A Mother Shows What It Is To Have Children In 17 Illustrations

A messy house, long showers less and less frequent, hair falling and a neglected appearance with the company of a mini dictator who requires the maximum attention, and the list is long; such is the daily life of a mother. Raising one or more children is not easy, contrary to what some people think. And for those who would like to know what the real life of a mom looks like, here are illustrations that speak for themselves ...

Between sleepless nights, a soft belly, breasts that burst and a life that is a fighter, the life of a mother is not easy. By scrolling through the images below, you will agree that motherhood is difficult and a source of psychic and physical fatigue but also of joy and fulfillment. Tell us what you think about these images and leave us your comments ...

# 1 The first breastfeed is memorable
Ah, the first feed that remains unforgettable! The nipple and breasts swollen, suffering from bites of what already? No, you will not dare anyway! This is your beloved baby and for him you are ready to bear all the suffering.

# 2 Farewell intimacy in the toilet
Do you remember when you went to the bathroom, hoping to find a moment of peace and tranquility? Well it's missed! Your toddlers are just following you to make sure you're not going to fly away or begging for a favor you'll be willing to give them just for a little respite.

# 3 And that fat morning of the weekend that becomes utopian?
You are already looking forward to sleeping over the weekend and offsetting those hours of accumulated insomnia. But no ! It often happens to your child to show you his love at 5 o'clock in the morning! What do you want, That's shared love!

# 4 Say goodbye to your favorite underwear
Nothing suits you anymore, your breasts have tripled in volume and your belly follows the same rhythm. It must be said that the attractive side is running away.

# 5 You are not safe from an unexpected
You expect everything but that! But there are children who do worse!

# 6 When conjugal intimacy flees your room
You know that your child will have to sleep in his room but when he comes running into yours crying when he has a nightmare, you can not resist. But that's where the real nightmare begins!

# 7 Finished to be conciliatory, place to methods that work!
Have you tried more categorical methods? It can work ...

# 8 And the ritual of the meal, you know?
If you plan to redo the decoration, do not be in a hurry anyway. It could wait ... a few years!

# 9 What about your pains?
The chin pulled and a shot carried, your adorable little sliders are not even aware that they hurt you, taking you surely for one of their toys!

# 10 Did you know that his favorite toys are everyday objects?
You are wrong to spend money on expensive toys, the proof!

# 11 You juggle all the objects
Like a centipede, you strive to do everything at the same time. And hat down, Madam!

# 12 Admit that you never dared to wear a bikini
Unless you are Wonder Woman or one of those movie stars who find a slender body after just a few weeks, you common mortals are resigned to never wear this famous bikini; Flaccid skin requires!

# 13 And for the pot how do you get out?
Did you succeed the first time? You did not use your mom to help you? Admit it!

# 14 Your toddler is never well protected from the sun, is it?
It is out of the question that he catches a sunburn, you will never forgive him!

# 15 And the moment of feeding is hard work!
Is it a war or a game? Sometimes you really ask yourself!

# 16 You are both the mother and the working girl!
Being multitasking has become your specialty and you are amazed by it.

# 17 Trying to work is for you the hardest
Between home, work and child, the pace is not easy to follow but you hold on, as best you can!
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