10 Plants That Bring Luck And Bring Positive Energy To The House

Plants bring a special energy into your home. Just like human beings, some are more positive than others. Here is a list of 10 plants that will turn your home into a place of well-being and positive waves.

Properly arranging the space in which one lives is a necessary condition to feel at peace at home. A chaotic environment is more conducive to bad waves, while a structured and thoughtful atmosphere brings a sense of balance and inner well-being. It is on this very principle that the art of Feng Shui rests.

Feng Shui
A native of the Taoist movement, Feng Shui is a very ancient Chinese art based on the complementarity between Yin and Yang. More and more popular with Westerners, Feng Shui has quickly become a contemporary art used in the design of most modern homes.

When we talk about energy, especially Feng Shui, we often talk about "chi". This word refers to the movement of energy in an interior space. Indeed, Feng Shui favors open traffic axes so as not to close the energy in one piece and let it circulate freely.

The art of Feng Shui or the culture of "chi" can be applied in different ways in your home. Generally, open spaces should be favored by arranging the rooms so that they are connected to each other. Symbols and colors also play a very important role.

Plants in the art of Feng Shui
Like the layout of a house, the elements that compose it play a very important role in the purification of space. According to Christine Fageot, a biologist and expert in Feng Shui, plants are a symbol of health with many benefits on "chi". In addition, a study conducted by NASA has concluded that some plants reduce the presence of harmful chemical components such as formaldehyde found in particular in cleaning products, wood or cigarette smoke.

Here is a list of 10 plants that will bring well-being to your home while purifying it!

The lily of peace
Thanks to its purifying qualities, the lily of peace helps reduce harmful gases in your home. Placed in the shade in a room or office, this plant produces good waves and creates a positive atmosphere.

The Palm tree
Thanks to its large size, the palm tree can separate spaces without closing them. It is also known for its ability to reduce formaldehyde that is often found in homes.

Apart from its culinary virtues, rosemary is an important ally in maintaining a healthy environment. In addition, a study has shown that in addition to reducing the presence of toxins in the air, it facilitates sleep and enhances the ability to memorize.

The orchid
Known to be one of the most beautiful flowers around us, the orchid is known for its scent and its ability to promote positive energies. The best location for this flower is in a bedroom because it produces oxygen all night long.

The Lucky bamboo
In Asian culture, Lucky bamboo, as the name suggests, is synonymous with luck and good fortune. It is the ideal plant to place at home because it requires little maintenance and light. It is recommended to place it in a glass container with a little water.

The jade tree
Often called "the money tree", the jade tree is considered in Feng shui as a symbol of prosperity. Very practical and easy to maintain, it survives easily without watering.

The ficus
Another plant with protective properties, the ficus also acts as an air purifier. It helps to reduce the presence of formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia present in your home.

The African violet
Thanks to its round-shaped petals (similar to coins), the African violet is a symbol of wealth in Chinese culture. In the art of Feng Shui, its purple color is synonymous with energy and prosperity.

Climbing ivy
Ivy is also a plant that reduces the presence of formaldehyde in the home, including that which comes from carpets and paint on the walls. Its intertwined forms symbolize union and homogeneity; they represent a perfect plant for young couples.

The lemon tree
Generally placed in the kitchen, the lemon tree is synonymous with abundance and richness thanks to its fruit properties. Easy to maintain, it gets rid of pollutants that surround you and produces oxygen back.
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