They Put A Nursery School In A Retirement Home And It Changed The Lives Of Everyone

Although natural and organic, old age impacts the body and mind. This is a stage where everyone can lose their autonomy and find themselves dependent on others. This affects relationships with relatives, who do not necessarily live in the same place and / or have other personal and professional responsibilities. This is why, in order to fight the isolation of the elderly, a retirement home has also become a kindergarten. Discover this innovative concept.

According to a study people over the age of 60 face "social death", a phenomenon of growing social isolation among older people, which is explained by a near-break total relations with others. And, this extreme isolation is not without consequences on the psychological and physical health of the elderly.

Isolation of the elderly
Indeed, the isolation of the elderly which is illustrated by a lack or even a rupture of external links (outings, family relations, friendships, neighborhood), is responsible for various pathologies. Isolated seniors are generally more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, sleep disorders, malnutrition, cognitive problems, depression and mental health impairment.

At the origin of this isolation: the loss of the spouse, the geographical distance with the relatives, the departure of the children from the family home, the lack of autonomy, the diseases, the retirement, the modest incomes are all causes which bring to loneliness and isolation. Generally, older people in this situation do not dare to ask for help, which can maintain this vicious circle of malaise and isolation and lead to suicide.

Thus, it is essential to prevent and fight against the social isolation of the elderly. Some initiatives are being taken in this direction, such as awareness days and the creation of this retirement home-kindergarten.

Nursing home-kindergarten, a concept that brings together

In order to fight against the social isolation of seniors and intergenerational conflicts, a new concept has been set up: that of bringing together a retirement home and a nursery school in the same place.

Residents and staff of Providence Mount St. Vincent (Seattle, USA) receive 125 children, ages 0 to 5, from the Mount's Inter-national Learning Center (ILC) whose kindergarten is in the retirement home. .

This improves the living conditions of residents, while allowing children to learn in an intergenerational community. Everyone finds his account and brings to the other joy and knowledge. Moreover, according to various studies, social interactions reduce old age and isolation problems for seniors, which significantly reduces the risk of "social death". For children, it is also a fun way to learn and develop values ​​of mutual help, sharing, tolerance and respect for others.

One of the administrators of the retirement home, Charlene Boyd, explains that they wanted a vibrant and vibrant community so that residents would come to live there and not to die there, which is why bringing children into this retirement home seemed obvious to them.

An innovative concept that director Evan Briggs wanted to highlight with a short film exploring the relationship between children and the elderly, in a place conducive to the learning and well-being of seniors , children and their parents. Here is his touching short film that reflects the human benefits of this initiative:
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