Dad Takes Shot Of His Premature Son Into Hilarious Adult Situations

This little tyke has gone from being marked a premature baby to fulfilling his destiny as an ‘propelled man’, because of his dad’s mad aptitudes.

Meet Ryan, the man-child who was born 9 weeks over two months premature and weighing just under 3lbs to his parents.

Matt, a Product Engineer and budding photographer, decided to turn the story a little by putting his baby boy into some pretty adult scenarios, telling that he ‘liked to joke that [Ryan] was not premature, he was simply advanced’.

The subsequent photo arrangement sees a then-tiny Ryan take on some everyday challenges most folks will genuinely relate to on a profoundly ‘blokey’ level.

From playing poker with ‘the boys’ to carving the Thanksgiving turkey, Ryan totally nails being a modern day man who can, as his father puts it, blow leaves ‘like a champ’ and ‘slash that wood’.

The series was done to pursue Ryan throughout his future manhood on fishing trips, to the gym and as he does DIY around the house, such as tuning up a Prius and cutting the grass.

The MacMillan family unit of four, from Delran, New Jersey, are no outsiders to amusing Photoshop pranks. Everything started with the birth of their daughter, Ella, more than two years back. 

Matt said he would not like to immerse his family and friends with the usual baby portraits so he arranged a lot of photographs of Ella 'playing sports'.

Beside being an optimistic display of physical fitness for all baby girls over the globe, Matt said the sports theme gave him ...a lot of opportunities for different pictures… Like this incredible impression of Tony Hawk.

It’s surely one to keep hold of for the family history books.

Matt likewise joked he preferred spicing up the baby photo albums a little bit:

" When I was younger, I constantly rolled my eyes at parents that filled their social media with many photos of their babies so I told myself that when I had children, I would do my best to make my photos amusing and intriguing. 

At that point, I'd fiddled with Photoshop and figured I'd make her appear as though she was doing things that babies truly could not do yet."

But the father-of-two immediately surrendered, with complete honesty, presently he's a parent, he simply just post regular pictures of [his] kids as well’ so understands why our news feeds are they way they are; full of smiling babies who can not play football.

Matt discloses that when he and Alyssa discovered another baby was on the way, they decided  their mind to organize another photoshoot for their kid, too.

Matt continued:

I needed to accomplish something comparable with Ryan. But I didn't know what Ryan's photo's subject was going to be until he was born nine weeks early.

We endeavored to keep as much of a positive attitude as possible while he spent 6 weeks in the NICU so I liked to joke that rather than premature, he was simply ‘advanced’.

Thus, I thought it’d be amusing to pretend he was already a full developed man and have him do manly adult things.

You know, like going out to a 9 to 5 job in accountancy in a fancy flat cap and with a portfolio perfectly proportioned to his body… as if the other big guys do.

Once the plan was hatched, Ryan and Matt had a lot of fun arranging the scenarios together, with a lot of work going into the set ups, staging and editing, while the shoots themselves took just 20 minutes each.

Matt reviewed the process, saying:

Starting there, I simply attempted to consider of as many manly activities as I could. We did a different shoot every week for around  3 months.

Rather than an aspirational work, it was more to just have fun with it and make people laugh. Regardless of whether he grows up to be manly or unmanly, we would love him just nonetheless.

In response to those who considered Ryan was in some sort of risk – or had ever handled a razor Matt affirmed that he did not put his baby in mischief's way, But Photoshop had did all the difficult work.

Matt confirmed that Ryan is on the mend after a tough start, however he’s a fighter and is growing more and more every day into the slightly bigger little man he was destined  to be!

His pleased father added:

Ryan is now 6 months old and finally on the growth diagram! He is certainly a cheerful baby and is smiling and talking constantly.

I was astonished by the feedbacks from other parents of premature babies and people who were premature themselves, saying that they know the battles and that they truly delighted in the photos and the inspirational outlook they portrayed.

It was extremely cool to receive those positive feedback, mainly from social media where article comments turn negative so rapidly.

What a recovery. However do not take our word for it. Most importantly, a picture is worth a thousand words…

Hence I am going to let this little pearl of Ryan bench pressing at the gym do the talking.

You are a lucky, Ryan, and you likely have the coolest father in the entire world.
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