People Went To The Emergency Room Because Of Strange Objects Stuck In Their Holes

Foreign bodies stuck in the rectum are among the most popular and strangest extractions performed by doctors. Bottles and sex toys are usually the most misplaced objects. In this article we expose some examples of the most unusual objects stuck in the rectum of some people.

Large objects found in the rectum are thought to have been inserted into the anus rather than having reached the rectum after being swallowed. Although the victims claimed to be slipping and falling on these objects, the doctors confirmed that most of the recovered items had been used in sexual acts.

Avoiding seeking medical attention and attempting to remove the item yourself will lead to delayed treatment, which may lead to symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, fever and rectal bleeding, and make the process even more difficult. remove the jammed object.

Here are some of the strangest objects found in the most unusual places.

1. Eel long 50 cm

Abdominal pain brought a 50-year-old man to the emergency department at Kwong Wah Hospital in Hong Kong, China. The examination revealed that the patient had peritonitis, while the abdominal x-ray showed the shadow of an eel, as reported and published in the Surgery Journal. After re-interview, the patient revealed that he had inserted an eel into the rectum to relieve constipation, prompting the doctor to perform an emergency laparotomy (incision in the abdominal wall) to remove an eel. 50 cm long.

The eel was found to bite the splenic angle of the colon and a 3 cm perforation was found on the anterior wall of the rectum. The patient was sent home on the seventh day.

2. Injection of glue

In this particular case, the rectal examination revealed that a solid foreign body was visible and palpable just inside the anal sphincter of a 27-year-old man. The report of this case published in the American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology revealed that an unemployed young man had injected a liquid glue into the rectum using a double chamber glue gun, the glue has so hardened and fixed inside. The patient had done it for an anal erotic pleasure.

Doctors inquired from the manufacturer of the glue gun and were able to obtain an exact photograph of the glue gun and a description of the components of the glue. They then opened the abdomen with a lower midline incision and found that the mixture formed a plaster of the rectum 16 cm long and 300 grams in weight.

3. Aerosol spray deodorant

A deodorant aerosol spray was removed from the rectum of a 23-year-old unmarried patient after self-insertion. The man arrived at Riyadh Care Hospital in Saudi Arabia, complaining of low abdominal pain. Doctors have identified the object lodged in the rectum after a pelvic X-ray showed it was just above the sacrum curve, according to the report published in The Internet Journal of Surgery.

The patient did not reveal the reason for this self-insertion. The deodorant spray was removed under general anesthesia. The man was released on the second day.

4. Empty glass bottle

A 72-year-old man went to the University of Mississippi Medical Center complaining about a bottle in the rectum. This purely accidental penetration was due to the fact that the patient was using a nearby waste area to do his needs. According to a case report published in the journal Annals of Surgery, a fracture in the wooden support used by the patient to do his necessities resulted in his heavy and direct fall on an empty glass bottle deep in the ground.

The doctors found that the neck of the bottle had broken and that the patient was feeling a lot of pain. The bottle had inserted into the lower rectum, the edge of the broken bottle facing the anal sphincter. The man, described as obese and weighing about 102 kg, has noticeably felt pain only during the examination of the anal area.

5. Vibrator six months
Finding s-e-x toys like vibrators stuck in the rectum of a patient in the emergency room may be common, however it can not last for six months. A case report published in the Medical Journal of Australia revealed that a 64-year-old man had had a plastic vibrator removed from the rectum after six months. The patient reportedly revealed that he had gone on a world trip with the vibrator, making it the foreign body introduced into the most traveled rectum in the world, the researchers wrote in 1979.
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