A Dad Invents An Application That Requires Children To Answer Calls And Sms From Their Parents

Nowadays, it is more and more difficult to draw children's attention to something other than the screen of their phones. Yet, they seem to become blind when their parents are trying to contact them. According to an article relayed by our colleagues at the Mirror, Nick Herbert, father frustrated, would have created a Smartphone application that would force children to answer their parents!

In this new digital age, it is almost impossible to live without a phone. The world is moving at such a speed that the human being needs a means that allows him to be connected to these changes. No more appointments that are scheduled in person, where it was enough to have a date and a meeting place to meet.

Today, text messages are multiplying at the speed of light. The phone is not only a means of communication, it also keeps you informed about what is happening around us. Once in our hands, we can not let go. Indeed, the phone and smartphone especially, contains dozens of mobile applications with extremely varied goals. Depending on the needs of the user, the Smartphone has become an indispensable tool for everyone's life.

Application That Requires Children

Children and the phone
The more years pass, the more the use of smartphones intensifies. According to an article published by Forbes magazine, many studies have tried to identify the consequences of what is considered an addiction among young people today. Indeed, researchers in France have conducted an experiment on students, the goal being that they spend a day without their phones. They observed their reactions before and during this day, and noted that in addition to anxiety about being deprived of their phones, they did not know how to occupy their time anymore.

Given these results, it would seem that children, young or old, can no longer do without their phone. In this case, the question that arises is: If they are so taped to their screens, why are they unable to answer their parents?

Nick Herbert, a dad who does not stop at nothing
This is the same question that Nick Herbert, from West Wickham in London, asked about his son Ben. Having found no answer, this dad decides to take things in hand.

In 2017, Nick Herbert launches ReplyAsap. This application is based on a simple but effective concept. When a parent calls their child, ReplyAsap takes control of their screen and makes a shrill noise that stops only when the child responds or responds to the received message. His stroke of genius? She even walks when the phone is silent!

The story of this dad makes us smile, indeed, his frustration with his son is such that he decided to create a mobile application to successfully contact him. As Nick explains,

 "When Ben went to college, I decided to buy him a Smartphone so that we could join in case of need. What I did not realize was that Ben was going to use this Smartphone for everything except to communicate with me.

Indeed, Nick realizes that his son often puts his phone in silence to be able to watch videos or play games. Even though some apps show if the message was open and the time it was read, Nick never really knows if his son actually saw the message or just opened it automatically without checking its content. He says on his site, "sometimes I have urgent things to say to him but he has no way of knowing if he ignores my messages, that's why ReplyAsap is the solution to my problems."

Thanks to this concept, Nick solves his problem and that of thousands of parents. Since its creation, ReplyAsap has been downloaded more than 75,000 times and has been rated 3.1 / 5. Downloadable on Android, ReplyAsap could also soon be launched on iOS.

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