Breast Cancer Survivor Poses Topless Photo to Respond to Criticism

Fighting to rebuild, that's the story of Laura Owens. Breast cancer patient in 2012, this 38 year old woman shares her story and publishes photos of her topless on social media. In the face of criticism and unpleasant comments, she decides to speak.

Surviving cancer is an intense and very emotional experience. Having to fight for your life is probably the hardest thing to do, especially if you do not feel supported. After her diagnosis, Laura Owens had to undergo a mastectomy of both breasts, a breast reconstruction, and a second removal of the breasts. Apart from the physical transformation that results from these operations, the psychological consequences are also very numerous.

The look of the others
It is often difficult to face the eyes of others. You have to know how to find the strength to look up and confront these people with unpleasant, sometimes hateful remarks that can belittle us and weaken our self-esteem.

Indeed, a mammary ablation is a difficult experience for a woman. Just changing your appearance can cause deep pain. Breasts, big or small, are one of the most admired attributes in women. Moreover, they usually attract the gaze of men who see it as an indicator of femininity.

Breast cancer
According to the World Health Organization, there are nearly 1.38 million new cases each year and 458,000 deaths from breast cancer. It is for this reason that the month of October is recognized worldwide as the month dedicated to breast cancer. This awareness-raising effort is intended to inform people and to familiarize them with the risks that result from cancer if not treated or diagnosed in time. Indeed, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women.

This disease is characterized by cancers from the breast tissue. Indeed, cancer cells are formed from healthy cells due to a modification of the DNA and / or RNA. Breast cancer is therefore considered an entropic disease because it is associated with an increase in the entropy of the body to the point that the latter becomes unable to correct itself. Therefore, the body needs external intervention to return to a stable entropic state.

In an article published by The World Journal of Clinical Oncology, breast cancer is linked to certain risk factors such as:
  • age
  • personal and family history
  • breast pathology
  • genetic predisposition

Estrogen is also the subject of many studies. According to the Maurer Foundation for Breast Health Education, there is a causal link between this hormone and cancer risks. Due to the nature of cell division, women with estrogen are more likely to develop breast cancer. In fact, the more cells divide, the more likely they are to be abnormal, even cancerous.

Laura Owens: a woman with unparalleled courage
It all started in 2012, when Laura learned that she had breast cancer. She undergoes a first mastectomy of the right breast, which she will rebuild the same year. Two years later, she underwent the same two procedures for the left breast: mastectomy first, followed by reconstructive surgery.

After her interventions on the second breast, she begins to feel acute pain in her left arm and her skin becomes yellowish. After 4 years of suffering, Laura decides to remove her prostheses and undergoes her third and final surgery.

On Wednesday, December 19, 2018, Laura Owens makes the decision to post a photo of her topless on Facebook. Now strong and full of life, this survivor speaks and speaks for the first time about how she feels about the criticism of her appearance. She recounts in her picture that two of her friends said in front of her "you should have seen Laura 10 years ago, it was her beautiful time ...", and how she found these words disrespectful.

She explains on her comments that cancer has made her grow up and that she no longer needs artifice to feel beautiful. She writes,

"If I had not gone through all these trials and was still the same person I was 10 years ago, their remarks would surely have knocked me out. But I changed. "

The young woman tells how her lifestyle has evolved, and that is what allows her to be the strong woman of today. Laura, who used to work in the most famous nightclubs, is now a Yoga teacher. She says that her life has become much simpler and she now knows how to appreciate the true values.

She finishes her publication on these last words:

"I have wrinkles, scars and I do not have breasts. But I am also feminine and full of life. I am a strong woman, not a s-e-x-u-a-l object. If you can not see it, too bad for you. It's MY glory hour".
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