Heartless People Abandon Their Pets In The Cold And Let Them Die Of Cold

Abandon Their Pets

Every year, during the winter, we see deplorable scenes of animals abandoned in the cold. Dogs or cats are often placed in cardboard boxes or simply tied to a tree. Some may be saved by charitable souls, while others remain at the mercy of a risk of hypothermia and deaths are sometimes inevitable, unfortunately.

Insensitive people allow themselves to leave their pet in the freezing cold at a very low temperature, at the risk of causing the death of the animal that can freeze. You should know that if it is cold outside for a human being, it will automatically be cold for these dear animals but most people seem to ignore or even worse do not take into account for lack of empathy towards these beings harmless, just waiting to love us.

The harsh winter conditions have prompted animal rescue organizations, such as the SPA in France, to take care of animals left behind in inhumane conditions.

Moreover, the story of a dog, named Joe, who was abandoned in a barrel in Michigan and who went around social networks, is a real proof of human cruelty.

The poor dog was trying to protect himself from the cold but his leg was frozen and he could not walk. However, he was saved from death even though he had some after-effects.

Abandon Their Pets

Why do some owners abandon their pets?

Many animals are abandoned for several reasons:

Because of the disease
Veterinary care is very expensive and some people do not have the means or the budget to treat a pet when they get sick.

Because of his behavior
A dog can be disturbing by unstable, disobedient or hyperactive behavior. However, this attitude of the animal may be due to its lack of training on the part of its owners.

Because of a move
Some families may move to a small apartment with no room to keep their pets.

Because of age
Pets that are getting older are no longer fun and need to be taken care of continuously, hence their abandonment.

Unfortunately, the reasons are many and we can add, the death of the owner or a new birth in the family. But all these excuses do not excuse the fact of cruelly abandoning the animal outside, whether in cold or heat. It is an act simply inadmissible and considered a crime punishable by law. Note that a master who abandons his animal risk 2 years imprisonment and 30 000 euros fine. Moreover, the association 30 million friends, makes every effort to fight these cruel acts.

Animal shelters like no other
In Italy, an IKEA store has opened its doors to abandoned dogs to provide heat and protect them from frost. This idea, which of course also comes from marketing, has enhanced the brand's sympathy capital since it allows these dogs to no longer wander in the freezing cold.

Abandon Their Pets

What needs to be done to help abandoned animals?
First of all, having a pet is a responsibility and adopting it means taking care of it. And as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said, "You become responsible forever for what you have tamed".

According to the association 30 million friends, if you find a pet lost or abandoned, the best is to contact the pound who will identify, find his masters or drive him to the animal shelter .

If the animal is identified by a necklace, a medal or a tattoo, you can contact the owners.

If the animal is not identified, contact the police or the firefighters who will take care of it. Know that you do not have the right to keep an animal more than 8 working days, under penalty of being labeled as a thief.

If the owners do not show up, it will be considered abandoned, you can then entrust to an animal shelter or decide to adopt it. Why not ! You will do a good deed and at the same time you will have a friend for life!

They also warned that even though dogs, cats, horses and other pets had a thicker coat in winter, this extra fur still did not allow them to withstand sub-zero temperatures.

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