This 18 Year Old Woman With A Flat Stomach Is Shocked To Learn That She Is 8 Months Pregnant

Saffron Heffer, an 18-year-old from the UK, is shocked to find that she is 37 weeks pregnant. Yet there was no indication that she was at such an advanced stage of her pregnancy. Flat belly, size 36 and silhouette of dream, Saffron was far from suspecting what was happening. Back on this surprising story relayed by our colleagues of The Mirror.

During the first seven months of her pregnancy, Saffron, 18, had no idea what she was going through. It was her mom who, noticing a brown stain on her belly, suggested that she take a pregnancy test. Stupor, the test was positive and the surprise was all the greater after his visit to the doctor. Despite the absence of any telltale signs, the young woman learned that she was 37 weeks pregnant.

A baby who turns his back

Apart from the mark, which turned out to be a pigmentation line, Saffron did not notice any other physical signs of pregnancy. She went regularly to her sports sessions and was even UV, totally unaware of the risks she was facing.

Her rules, which she had not had for a long time, could have put her in her ear, but the young woman had associated this disorder with the taking of her contraceptive pill, she also testified: " It was a surprise for everyone. My mother was as shocked as me. Personally, I did not think it was possible not to know that you are pregnant until it happens to me. Some people claimed to have lived the same story, several things were said about it, but I did not believe it, convinced that they had to be aware of it somehow. "

After an emergency consultation, the ultrasound confirmed that her baby was actually turning her back to her belly, which explains the absence of an apparent hump. However, it is enough that the midwife moves the baby in-utero, so that his "baby bump" appears in just a few days.

Oscar Heffer, a healthy little boy, was born barely four weeks after his mom knew she was pregnant. Yet the young woman said she was, at first, completely terrified at the idea of ​​becoming such a young mother. Depressed, she did not know how to react and thought that her life was over: "Initially, it was the shock, I did not know how to react. After two weeks, I started to admit that things were as they were and that I could not do anything about them (...) I was strong in the past. This situation was not obvious, but I thought I could do it. "

Despite the shock of the news, the fear and apprehension that followed, Saffron is now happy to be a mother: "I had just learned of his existence that he was already born a few weeks later. Still, I would not go back to anything in the world. He is a beautiful baby (...) He is so calm and peaceful, he sleeps and snuggles against me. He is so adorable. "

What to do when a baby is in a seat or across?
The baby usually goes into the head position first at 36 weeks of gestation. However, if it is in the seat position or in the transverse position, it must be handled in-utero to be replaced correctly to avoid possible complications during delivery.

An injection to relax the belly will be administered, then the doctor or midwife will exert a slight pressure on the abdomen that will allow the baby to turn in the stomach to face down.

This technique is relatively uncomfortable but generally safe. It is successful in 40% of patients, however, in case of failure or complication during delivery, the doctor will proceed to a birth by the seat or cesarean section.
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