A Woman Does Not Need Luxurious Gifts But To Be Filled With Love And Fidelity

Expectations in a relationship change from person to person and depend on the personality, education, and experiences of each person. It remains however that when one sincerely loves someone, certain aspirations end up appearing and imposing themselves to form the very foundation of the relationship.

It's easy to say that you love your girlfriend or your wife, but you have to prove it. So stop right in the middle of the street and squeeze it harder than ever, kiss it every time it does something cute and cute.

Every night, wish him a good night by kissing him warmly or sending him a message if you are ever absent. Tell him how your day went, give him time, because time is one of the greatest gifts you can give him.

A Woman Does Not Need Luxurious Gifts But To Be Filled With Love And Fidelity

Be the shoulder on which she can lean or cry
Be her ultimate refuge where she will take shelter every time she goes through a bad time or has a hard day. Be the one who wipes her tears when she pours but never makes her cry.

Be the one who shares his laughs, the one who makes her smile and who benefits as much as her good moments. He who celebrates his joys and successes as she celebrates yours.

Grant her forgiveness as she grants you her
You do not always agree on everything, you happen to argue over the smallest problems as big ones. Remember that anger is only transient and that what unites you both is much stronger and lasting. Keep in mind that you can take advantage of every obstacle on your path to evolve further.

Make her happy with little touches
Make small romantic outings, go on a trip to the most beautiful destinations or just do a little picnic in a quiet and peaceful place to breathe some fresh air and remember the memories of childhood or even from what you have already experienced in a similar context.

Let him know when you are happy, tell him also what makes you sad when you are sad. Tell him what you wanted to become when you were still a child. Tell him what ended up making you change your mind about your career or academic orientation. Tell him everything about you.

Make her a good herbal tea when she catches a cold, put her in bed at bedtime and kiss her with a wish to have a good night and have sweet dreams.

Fill it with fidelity. Assemble him that your heart is his.
Show him that there is nothing more beautiful or more important to you in this world than she is. Remind her that you only see her.

Respect her as she respects you. Do not lie to her and do not try to deceive her, she has seen enough lies in her life. Be a man of your word.

Be someone she can trust, someone who will take care of her heart and never leave her.

In the end, what she really wants to have is far from being a luxurious gift. It is very different from anything material, substantial or ephemeral.

She seeks something true, permanent and an eternal and precious love that she will keep as a real treasure. What she really wants is your heart and your loyalty. She wants to make sure you are just hers.
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