A Terminally Ill Dog Struggles To Live To Attend His Owner's Wedding

It is said that the dog is the best friend of man, a rare complicity in the animal world. Indeed, the dog is dedicated to the man with infinite love and extreme fidelity, people who have a dog can only testify to it. The story of Kelly O'connell is the proof, Charlie, his 15 year old dog had a terminal cancer, but he survived to attend the happiest day of his life. Discover the poignant story of this dog who has shown tenderness and dedication to the end.

A friendship that lasts in time
Man and dog have been good friends for millennia, and the process of dog domestication goes back thousands of years. Researchers say that the beginnings of domestication date back to 33,000 years ago, long before the advent of agriculture. You must know that men and wolves (the ancestors of dogs) share several characteristics. They are both social species that live on the same territory and that hunt the same prey, this is what would have allowed the two species to get closer. The domestication process begins and the wolf turns into a dog.

Man and dog understand each other
One study showed that both dogs and humans have sensitive vocal regions, so they are able to interpret the emotions of the transmitter. This common sensibility explains the success of communication between the two species, men and dogs understand each other and can therefore easily meet the needs one or the other.

The happiness of having a dog
People who have a pet, especially a dog, are generally happier and healthier than those who do not. Indeed, living with a dog brings many benefits to your physical and mental health:

Walking your dog regularly will help maintain your fitness and help you forget the stress and stresses of everyday life.
Having a dog will allow you to never find yourself alone, because there will always be someone to welcome you home.
The dog carries all kinds of germs and bacteria, and casually, thanks to that you will be immune to many diseases.

Charlie: Unparalleled loyalty ... until his last breath

For 15 years, Charlie has been present in the most important stages of Kelly's life. And when she organized her wedding, her only wish was to have her best friend by her side. Nevertheless, the chances of this happening were less, Charlie was unfortunately suffering from a brain tumor terminally ill.

His condition was getting worse day by day and his body was getting weaker and weaker. The hope that he could live until the day of the wedding was tiny but Charlie did it! Although he was no longer able to move on his own, one of the bridesmaids carried him in his arms and led him across the aisle to join Kelly in front of the altar.

The family friend and wedding photographer, Jen Dziuvenis, was able to capture these poignant moments, she told the animal site the dodo: "Everyone was trying to hold back tears. It was one of the most touching moments I have ever had to live. Kelly has always treated Charlie as a full member of the family. We all knew how important it was for her to have him by her side that day (...) After the ceremony she kept saying: Charlie you're here! You did it ! "

Unfortunately, Charlie succumbed to the disease a few days later.
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