10 Symptoms Of An Emotionally Immature Adult

Although emotional immaturity is not considered a mental illness, it can be disabling in society for an adult. Long known as Peter Pan syndrome, it carries a generation of eternal fantasy children, unwilling to align with the reality of the adult world. This immaturity can result in many behaviors. Here are ten signs that a person does not want to grow up.

Commonly, these behaviors may be related to parents who have overprotected the child or given him the opportunity to act as he or she sees fit. Although motivated by good intentions, parents who fly to the rescue of their child as soon as the opportunity arises are led, years later, to suffer the behaviors of a Peter Pan.

10 Symptoms Of An Emotionally Immature Adult

1 - Hello, mom bobo!
He is in constant contact with his mother. Moreover, it is the person who is the most present in his life. This is not to displease the latter, because the slightest event or activity of her child is ruled by ... her. Common symptoms: Mom can take care of buying clothes or doing laundry.

2 - Chronic immaturity
Alert: when he visits people much younger than him / her, the tone is given. He acts like a child or at most a teenager. Sometimes he can steal to get what he wants. He struggles to enter adulthood and this can manifest in his professional life that he apprehends little ... if at all.

3 - Pamper me!
All is due to him and the mission of his partner is to serve him. He often waits to receive without giving anything. At his request, the elect of his heart must take care of him and give in to his whims at the request. That's how we taught him.

4 - Phobia of commitment
The Peter Pan is afraid to engage. Thus, he can not maintain a romantic relationship over time because patience is not in his first qualities. His relationships are not sustainable and his capricious behavior contributes greatly.

5 - Hesitation
His fear of making decisions may be so great that even the smallest event can suffer. This is how it can take months to choose a piece of furniture or a new piece of clothing. He may still need to be assisted for any initiative.

6 - Solitaire
Close friends on the counter: zero or a few who are not disturbed by his irascible behavior. Sometimes his circle of friends is restricted to his "party friends" or ... his mom.

7 - Irrigable
The emotionally immature adult often has passive-aggressive behavior. This can be translated into subtle expressions of hostility by deeds. He may be flippant or nonchalant towards his family or other adults. His stubbornness and rebellious attitude are obvious.

8 - Look at me!
Yes, he likes being scrutinized, watched or admired. With his dress style or nonverbal language, the immature adult will seek to attract attention or recognition. As a relic of his childhood, he will seek above all to be noticed and approved.

9 - Penniless
Financially irresponsible, he struggles to keep a job or to save. The emotionally immature adult will prioritize his immediate pleasure by indulging himself or going out of his way. And all this, considering in no way the aftermath of lean cows ...

10 - "It's really not fair! "
Do not expect him to take responsibility. At each disappointment, it is the fault of the colleague, the friend or even of his mother. It could be blatant that he will continue to think he has nothing to do with it.

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