Sleeping Next To His Phone Is A Dangerous Habit According To Firefighters

Sleeping next to your phone is now an established habit, especially among young people. Yet there is nothing more dangerous than bringing an electronic device into bed. Photos in support, there are many cases of fire that have almost cost the lives of family members.

Before sleeping, it would be best to leave the phone unplugged and out of the room. Beyond disturbing your sleep pattern, a smartphone left on your pillow can pose a major security problem. And the images that can be seen of certain domestic accidents are to chill the blood.

Sheets and pillows burned next to a loader. This gallery of images published by the fire department of Newton proves that it can happen to anyone and especially to teenagers and children, who are more likely to sleep with their electronic devices.

On the Fire Department's publication, it says, "Research has shown that 53% of children / teens load their phones or tablets on their beds or under their pillows. This can be extremely dangerous. The scattered heat can not dissipate and the charger will heat up without stopping. The most likely result is that the bed or pillow ignites. Check where you and your family are charging your phones. "

This alarming call is all the more serious when you notice that young people tend to sleep with their electronic devices. According to this 2016 Pediatrics study, 72% of children and 89% of teenagers use their smartphones / tablets in their sleep environment. An alarming finding that parents must respond with real educational measures.

It is necessary for parents to explain to their children what are the reasons why sleeping with these devices is dangerous. Showing them pictures of these kinds of home accidents can be a solution to warn younger generations about the effects of a charged phone while sleeping.

In order to protect yourself and your equipment, it is necessary to always use an original charger and to avoid counterfeiting. Rachel Rothman, Head of Technology at Good HouseKeeping Institute confirms: "Make sure your" Made for iPod / iPhone / iPad "charger is properly written and avoid charging in severe environmental conditions (too hot or too cold) Sleeping with an electronic device may be likely to cause other hazards in humans, especially in the longer term.

Sleeping with your smartphone could prevent a satisfactory rest. Because: the light that these devices release. This blue light is similar to taking caffeine. Results: increased heart rate and decreased production of melatonin, a sleep hormone. The sleep cycle changes because smartphones alleviate it by causing a "state of hypervigilance" due to calls and notifications received throughout the night. Sleep is therefore less profound and less restorative.

Another thing, the smartphone emits electromagnetic waves that stop only when the device is off. These waves are responsible for impaired brain capabilities such as memory problems. They are also responsible for symptoms such as headaches or irritability. A smartphone near the brain increases the impact of electromagnetic waves. 10 cm distance between the brain and the device could significantly reduce the impact of the waves. So do not hesitate to choose a smartphone with a low rate of electrical absorption and use as much as you can a hands-free kit!

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