14 Reasons Why Headphones Ruin Your Life

Do you usually take your headphones or put your headphones on each of your trips? Do you also find that music allows you to escape and make the journey seem shorter? Having your headphones at your fingertips all the time can be good, but you have to use it properly.
A cause of inattention

Imagine that you are crossing the road with very loud music in your ears, how do you think the car drivers will react? But the worst is that beyond all the insults you could be subject to, you risk having an accident.

Increased risk even on railways
In some countries headphones have become a factor contributing to railway accidents due to the inadvertence of people passing through. In India, 600 people died because of their irresponsible use of headphones.

A much simpler germ transmission
You probably did it with your partner or even with friends, but although listening to music together can seem good, it has repercussions. Infections and bacteria can be transmitted to your ears, so try to at least clean them with a tissue before using them.

The accumulation of bacteria must be taken into consideration
It is very advisable to change the sponge or the rubber cover of your headphones at least once every two months, since these are surfaces that are quickly covered with bacteria.

Putting the volume of the music thoroughly is not a good idea
If your neighbor often complains about the noise coming from your home, it's because you like the music to be loud. But be aware that the fact of putting it through using the headphones does not help because this exposes you to the risk of loss of hearing temporarily or permanently. So lower the sound.

Traveling using headphones or headphones is not always good
How could that be? This can be explained by the fact that when you are in a very noisy vehicle, the sound of your headphones needs to be louder, so it adds to the ambient noise pollution and is not good for your ears.

Some breaks are needed
Using a headset for several hours in a row exposes you to hearing problems such as tinnitus. It is therefore advisable to remove it after 2 hours of use, to take breaks and not to keep it continuously.

These headphones more discreet certainly, but more dangerous
In-ear headphones are more dangerous for eardrums, so they should be avoided.

Spend less time unraveling them
This is a universal problem. A lightweight and easy to carry wire organizer is the solution to put an end to this ordeal.

"Closed" helmets are better
These headphones are good because they eliminate all the ambient noise, which allows you to have a better sound and thus lower the sound of your music and thus be safer.

The risk of vertigo
Prolonged exposure to loud music may cause a feeling of dizziness.

Less concentration
According to the book Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, listening to music while working can reduce concentration, since it is divided between music and the task at hand.

Playing sports wearing headphones
This is not a good idea because apart from the fact that you will mostly hear the impact of your footsteps on the floor, it can be dangerous for you.

A good method of wearing headphones
In order to have more stability, put the wire of your headphones up and put it behind your ears.
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