8 Reasons To Say Thank You To Your Best Friends Before The End Of The Year

To have a best friend is to have an ally, a confidant, a counselor, a psychoanalyst or a life partner. You have grown, shared, learned and matured together. Your destinies have sometimes been separated, but the bond that unites you remains unfailing. So, it does not matter if you've known her for 6, 24 or 70 years, for this new year, and for all these reasons, it's important to say "Thank you"!

This person has loved, protected, guided and accompanied you in the most delicate moments of your life. It grew in you when you could not do it yourself, encouraged you when you lost hope and supported you when no way out seemed feasible. A look, the outline of a smile, an unconscious and instinctive tic, can make him discover the truth of pretense. When everyone relies on your appearance, it's the only one you'll ever be able to convince that "everything is fine," when in fact "everything goes wrong". She knows it, she feels it, she feels you!

Tell him "thank you" for what it is, but also for all these reasons

1) She has been there in the worst moments of your life
She has supported you and supported you in the worst moments of your life. When the world seemed to crumble under your feet, she was there every moment to remind you that you were not alone. She offered you a listening ear when you just needed to empty everything, and some clairvoyant advice in your worst moments of abyss.

2) She celebrated your happiness as if it were her
She has been behind each of your successes, and has been happy as if it were his. It was the little voice that blew you that you could get there when you got discouraged, and sharing your success with it only makes it more triumphant.

3) She listened to your disappointments in love ... again and again!
From the little passing romance to the great love of your life, she has been there to share all your love experiences. She listened, patiently, courageously, showing a disconcerting calmness and endurance, the smallest insignificant detail of the last conversation you shared with the (momentary) elected of your heart. She was there to analyze any of her comments, reassuring you of her intentions, even when she knew very well that you would end up tired of it, and that she had extra, probably better to do.

4) She gave you unforgettable memories
It's amazing what two people can share together in a few years. Laughs, travels, discoveries, moments of incredible complicity ... These are memories that belong to you and make your story. Take care of these moments, enjoy every moment, and keep in mind that the moment is quickly past, it is only the memory that remains.

5) You grew up and evolved together
You are undeniably different from the people you were meeting. You grew up, changed, evolved, but you did it to two. You are two different individuals, having made different choices, made different decisions, and traced different paths. Nevertheless, over the years, you have managed to accept the other as he was, loving him unconditionally just for what he was.

6) She always accepted your excuses
There have certainly been times when you have hurt her, moments of anger where your words have gone beyond your thought, and where your anger is equal to all the love you have for her. Today, you regret certain gestures or words, but if there is one thing you are sure of, it is the goodness of his heart and the purity of his soul. You do not tell him often, but you know how exceptional he is, as there are very few nowadays.

7) It reassures you constantly
Sometimes, by dint of giving without ever receiving in return, you sometimes forget your true value. Fortunately, she is there to make you realize how much you deserve better, and how much it is useless to be content with the little. It reminds you that you need to love yourself more, reassure yourself, restore your self-confidence, and see your full potential when you do not realize it.

8) She's been for years one of the most important people in your life
More than your friend, it's your guardian angel. She shared the most intimate and important moments of your life. And if you had to have only one wish this year, it would be that of being able to share with her the best (and the worst), of all those to come.

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