10 Reasons Why The Relationship With Our Grandparents Is Important

Our relationship with our grandparents is a central element in the development of our personality. If we were lucky enough to have them alive, they are years of history and happiness. Their wisdom makes them inspiring people who bring harmony to our home. Here are 10 reasons why our relationship with them is so important.

Did not they say little, "I'm going to ask my grandmother / grandfather because mom said no"? The link between the child and the grandparents is special and they are often more generous with us than with their own children! Wise and good counselors, grandparents are brilliant in their knowledge of life and they always have something to teach us. It is essential to always build our relationship with them.

10 Reasons Why The Relationship With Our Grandparents Is Important

1- Companions and confidants
The link between grandparents and grandchildren is special. Most grandchildren see their grandparents as confidants. A good discussion with grandmother or grandfather can be worth a thousand tips and confidences are always in order when parents are not there to listen. Their presence is needed to improve a child's social skills and behavior.

2- Support during family problems
In family problems, it is difficult to confide in friends. Grandparents are best able to understand the emotions that pass through their grandchildren.

In tricky situations like these, they are the only ones who can give a sense of confidentiality and listening. They are often the refuge in a family crisis that the child can easily turn to.

3-Witnesses of family history
Our family history is a strong anchor of our identity and our grandparents are often the witnesses of our genealogy. Children who know the story of their ancestors are often healthier psychologically and this allows them to gain greater knowledge in themselves through the different experiences of our grandparents. Because they have a sense of the transmission of tradition and are an inexhaustible source of stories and anecdotes from the past.

4- Grandparents serve as role models
Grandparents who have a healthy lifestyle and are still active have a great influence on grandchildren. They serve as a model in which children project themselves. Active grandparents who go out for walks or excursions will have a greater impact on the vision of their offspring of aging.

5- Family relationships are better assimilated by grandchildren
Grandparents invested can help grandchildren understand how the family works, helping these toddlers realize that their own parents were also children. This can be a lesson full of learning about the evolution of their relationship and the construction of their personality. The child realizes that despite the hardships, the family is always there, more united and united.

6- Less in judgment
Because they are less involved than parents, grandparents offer a less moralistic dialogue than their children. This gives an alternative of advice to children when they need to make objective decisions (choice of studies or career, romantic relationships). Children feel less pressure and feel free to interact more freely.

7- Grandparents learn the meaning of the family
Being a grandparent is first and foremost about giving the grandchildren a sense of family. With their involvement and participation in family events, they seek to convey the idea that life is not just about the family unit (mother / father). They are bridges to great aunts, cousins ​​and prove to be pillars for the family.

8- They transmit new skills
Often, parents are not available because of their work. Grandparents are therefore in the front row to spend special moments with their grandchildren. They transmit to them the taste for reading, crafts, volunteering and passions that have marked their generation.

9- Grandparents learn to take things lightly
Because the experience has made them undergo several tests, they are the first to cheer you up in case of difficulty. Their great maturity and perspective on life allows them to realize that we must not be sad for small events in life and that over time everything will get better.

10- Children with grandparents are happier
Children who have grandparents are
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