Pierce Brosnan And His Wife Celebrate Their 25th Anniversary Of Love, Their Photos Over The Years Are Inspiring

It was known as James Bond, and it is through his excellent interpretation of the famous agent 007 that Pierce Brosnan has won the hearts of spectators. He marries Cassandra Harris who, like his daughter, succumbs to ovarian cancer. After a long mourning, the actor remarried in 2001 and found love with Keely Shaye Smith. Discover their story.

We all aspire to a love that lasts forever. But sometimes, our lives hold surprises and put us to the test. Many couples do not survive, but fortunately there are exceptions that revive hope and make us want to believe it.

Love, can it survive fame?
Money and celebrity have an unfortunate tendency to pervert individuals and cause imbalance in romantic relationships. Indeed, for the respect to be mutual, it is necessary that the partners are on the same pedestal. Only at the professional level, it is not always possible. In this case, the less famous one feels generally sidelined and lives in the shadow of his / her beloved.

We often see this phenomenon on the Hollywood Hill, where we do not survive love very long. Breaks cause tears and a lot of ink. Maintaining a relationship is never easy, even for ordinary people. Add to that paparazzi, a star at the head of the box office and a few parades on the red carpet, and the durability of a couple becomes the realm of fantasy.

Indeed, the problems usually encountered within a household are generally not easy to overcome, and the media frenzy has no qualms about precipitating the decline of a couple. For these reasons, the link between two partners must be strong. For a couple's prosperity, you must:

Unconditional support
Moments at two
A Hollywood survivor wedding

Pierce Brosnan entered the annals and memories thanks to his exceptional acting. We saw it in Mamma mia! Here we go again, Goldeneye, Mrs. Doubtfire, Casanova, and although he is still surrounded by thousands of alluring young girls, his devotion goes only to his wife and children.

The exhilarating lover of Meryl Street is in reality, the husband of former journalist and TV presenter Keely Shaye Smith for 17 years and their love was born two sons: Christopher and Dylan Borsnan.

Let's go back to the source
It was during a party in Cabo San Lucas in 1994 that Brosnan met the journalist who had come to interview Ted Danson.

"It was captivating," Keely told People in 2001, according to PopSugar. "Tall, dark and beautiful, all that attracts at first. He had that mischievous spark in his eyes. I found this exhilarating "

We know today that Pierce has also experienced this attraction through an interview conducted by The Indepedent. He confides to having directly understood that she was special and explains why he fell in love with her: "I love his vitality, his passion. She has that strength without which I could not live. When Keely looks at me, I become weak »

From that day, Pierce and Keely have had a relationship for 7 years and finally married in 2001 in the country of origin of the actor. They did a romantic ceremony in Ireland, at Ballintubber Abbey in County Mayo. It's been 25 years since they are in a relationship

They subsequently expanded their family by giving birth to two sons. Fruits of their love.

In a time when we see the love destroyed by the notoriety and completed by the media, it is by living quite naturally their love that Pierce and Keely have adopted, and even tamed the Hollywood hurricane.

In an interview with People, Pierce revealed how they managed to keep the flame alive for all those years, despite the fact that he works a lot. He says that on the occasion of their 17 year anniversary: ​​"My wife and I took a short drive to Santa Barbara. We wanted to spend a romantic weekend. We did not listen to any music, but we just listened to the sound of each of our voices and made a new world. "

The couple has been in love for more than two decades and neither time nor success has managed to separate them. The beauty of their story results in simplicity. They are, since their meeting, companions, friends and lovers and their complicity is welded forever.

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