Leonardo Dicaprio Donates $ 100 Million To Fight Climate Change

In recent years, we have seen how dramatic climate change can have a dramatic impact on our planet. Unfortunately still too often ignored, this scourge nevertheless affects all aspects of our daily life. Extreme weather, natural disasters, rising sea levels due to the melting of continental ice, disappearance of certain species, ... In short, the finding is alarming to say the least. From the highest world summits in Hollywood, many personalities are trying to lead the fight to educate people to work for the safeguard of our planet. Like the actor Leonardo Dicaprio who generously offers the sum of 100 million dollars, the equivalent of 88 million euros, to a foundation that fights against climate change.

Climate change: what impact on our planet?

Global warming has a considerable impact on several parameters that contribute to maintaining a favorable climate for the survival of living species on earth. Indeed, climate change is likely to be the main cause of species extinction during the 21st century.

Amplified in the polar regions, in other words the north and south ends of the earth, climate change has global repercussions. The latter, essential for climate regulation, are particularly vulnerable to the effects of global warming. In the Arctic, temperatures have risen by about 5 ° C over the past 100 years.

Our oceans are not spared, the increase in water temperature and the high concentration of carbon dioxide make the oceans more acidic. At this rate, virtually all coral reefs will be lost, which is not only a tragedy for wildlife, but also and especially for humans. About half a billion people depend on coral reef fish as the main source of protein.

In addition to impacting our forests and fresh waters, climate change is a threat to the survival of humankind. Indeed, no human being can survive in a hostile land. So, as long as our planet is still welcoming, it is our duty to save it all!

Leonardo Dicaprio leads the fight against climate change

After having capsized our hearts in the movie Titanic, the American actor is no longer present. In addition to being handsome, sexy and talented, Leonardo Dicaprio is also a man of values ​​who works to defend the causes he believes in.

A passionate activist, he is one of the most popular advocates of the struggle for environmental conservation. A fight that is close to his heart forever. Indeed, his foundation: Foundation Leonardo Dicaprio (LDF) was created in 1998, when he was only 24 years old.

Since its creation, LDF has supported more than 200 projects around the world. The star has made several donations in millions of dollars, taking advantage of its status as a public figure to raise awareness of the fate of the planet. In this sense, to celebrate its 44th anniversary and the 20th anniversary of its founding, Dicaprio has offered its foundation no less than 100 million dollars.

The actor explained, "Whether it's individuals, grassroots movements or large non-profit organizations, we wanted to focus on securing essential funding that would be useful to those who might have the biggest impact. ". Thus, the funds should be used to support those who are at the forefront of the fight against climate change in different parts of the world.

In addition to being particularly generous with the protagonists of this fight, the star sets the example by following ecological rules of life. He prefers clean energy and uses only solar energy to power his home. In addition, He is vegan and tries to protect the environment in every possible way.
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