In Kindergarten, He Promises To Marry Her And Does It Today


Matt and Laura met at the age of 3, in kindergarten. Despite their very young age, they fell in love, and promised to marry as adults. Twenty years later, the lovebirds have, indeed, honored their word and prove to us that there is no age to fall in love.

At a kindergarten in Phoenix, Arizona, Matt Grodsky and Laura Scheel met.

Matt Grodsky told The Huffington Post, "I remember trying to impress him on a birthday in kindergarten where we were trying to open a piñata. Fortunately, I was the child who had managed to do it and I thought it would catch his attention. "

This brave initiative has obviously worked!

Despite their very young age, Matt and Laura fell in love with each other. From their complicity was born a passionate fusion, and pushed Matt to declare his passion in front of his class. That day, he made the promise to marry his comrade.

Love is an inexplicable feeling

We have all already had criteria and a preconceived idea vis-à-vis the person with whom we see ourselves end our days, or even with whom to go a little way. We believe we can dominate the situation and tame our heart so we can maintain control and master the relationship.

It is indeed a brilliant plan, and even very careful. It remains however a small difficulty. We can experience feelings for a person without having any control over our emotions. We do not know it before we live it, and some may never live it, but love arrives like a thunderstorm and brutally strikes us. There is no way to escape and when you resist, it consumes us completely.

Indeed, love is an uncontrollable and incomprehensible feeling. By its exhilarating character, it attracts and seduces, and by its mystery it fuels desire.

How do we recognize it? In general, the first glance is enough to perceive the deep signs that disturb all the members of the body, and unbalance all our senses, and this at any age, as we will see.

This specific moment tells you that the person you are setting will be in your memory forever. And maybe even with courage in your life.

The story of a man in love

"We met Laura and I in kindergarten. One of my first memories is standing up in front of the whole class to say that one day I will marry my classmate. As a child, Laura taught me how to swing, draw hills and eat cheese the right way. We have fond memories of playing hide-and-seek, chasing each other on playgrounds and staying awake during nap time. I was in love with Laura as a child and am still an adult. Obviously, we lost sight of each other when we started elementary school, which lasted seven long years. Our annual greeting cards were the only occasions we had to see our faces. It was only by chance, through a friend in common, that we reconnected with the school. During the first two weeks, we went out together. Our relationship lasted throughout high school, and lasted even though we attended different universities. Our couple held out until May 23, 2015, when I decided to honor my say in kindergarten and make Laura my wife. I asked him where it all began ... in the same class where we met. "

A promise that materializes
The young man finally decided to stay true to his wish, declared 20 years ago: To marry Laura.

It is from a romantic perspective that he trains her next to their former kindergarten class to kneel and apply.

Laura did not expect it, just thinking of going for a picnic. She suddenly finds herself betrothed to her childhood lover.

It was in December 2016, in an intimate ceremony, that the couple swore allegiance to the altar and since that day, they live their beautiful romance.

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