Discover The Story Of The Dog Who Was Saved From Drowning By Dolphins

Dolphins have always been appreciated for their beautiful form and graceful swim style. Yet these sea creatures have much more to offer than they seem. They are actually animals that have a perceptive peculiarity and can thus feel the distress of another creature. Moreover the case of this dog saved confirms perfectly.

The compassion instinct of animals
Scientific research shows that many animals are very intelligent and can detect the distress of others. For example, dogs are able to detect diseases such as cancer and diabetes and warn humans of imminent heart attacks and strokes, according to a study published in the scientific journal PLOS, and another study published in British Medical Journal.

Elephants, hippos, giraffes and alligators use low frequency sounds, often miles away, and bats, dolphins, whales, frogs and various rodents use high frequency sounds to find food, communicate with others and navigate.

Many animals also exhibit many emotions, including joy, happiness, empathy, compassion, mourning and even resentment and embarrassment.

It is not surprising that animals, especially mammals, but not only them, share many emotions with humans, because we have the same brain structures located in the limbic system, which are the seat of emotions.

As a testimony to this ability of some animals to have compassion and want to help another creature, here is the story of this dog who was stuck in a canal.

A dog in distress
In the Marco Island Canal, Florida, a dog has fallen into inattention. Nobody had seen him fall and by dint of struggling to try to go up, the poor dog was exhausted more and more and he was soon going to drown. Fortunately, help arrived but unexpectedly.

To everyone's surprise, the drowning dog was saved by dolphins. They saw the dog shake in the water and came closer to him to see what was happening. So they quickly understood the dog's distress.

The dog was stuck in the canal. The wall that separated the water from the earth was so high that he could climb it. He had become very agitated and was beginning to lose hope that someone would save him.

The intelligence of dolphins
The dolphins might not have arms or legs, but they were able to help the dog in distress. They swam around the area emitting as much noise as possible. So the people who were near the place heard their agitation, and in trying to understand what was happening, they saw the dog trapped in the water near the canal wall.

Finally, a rescue was in progress. The firefighters ran to help the dog out of the water. He was shaking, but he was fine.

Without the dolphins, the dog probably would not have survived. Firefighters determined that the dog had been stuck for at least 15 hours, which is a very long time to continue swimming, especially since it is not a marine animal. Worse still, the dog stayed all that time without drinking anything. Since the canal was full of salt water, trying to drink would have only dehydrated him more.

He was a dog who did not let himself go, but he owes his rescue to these friendly dolphins. They detected his distress and did everything in their power to save him.

This story is a reminder that humans are not the only compassionate beings on the planet. Animals are also able to develop strong bonds and have emotional reactions. Feel free to share this article with your friends, which shows what dolphins can accomplish!
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