Give Me The Color Of Your Eyes And I'll Tell You Who You Are: The Color Of The Eyes Reveals The Character

You've probably heard the cliché saying "eyes are the window of the soul," is it just an assertion or just a common idea? it seems now that science has been able to confirm that. Explications!

Relayed by our Dailymail colleagues, researchers at the University of Orebro in Sweden studied 428 subjects to see if their personality was related to the color of the iris in their eyes. They discovered that the color of the eyes is affected by the same genes that form the frontal lobe of the brain. They also found that some distinct behaviors were similar among people with the same color of the iris.

According to Dr. Anthony Fallone of the University of Edinburgh, who has studied the links between the eyes and the personality, the eye is very neurologically linked to the brain so much that it is possible to call it the only one. part of the brain that is visible from the outside. The eyes seem to contain vital clues about our brain function.

Dark brown / black eyes
You are a born leader and others see you as well. People whose eyes are dark brown and sometimes appear black have a rare color. As such, they are often perceived as mysterious or secretive. According to a 2010 study published in Current Psychology, people with darker eyes are generally considered more enjoyable.

A study published by the journal Personality and Individual Differences indicated that people with very dark eyes tend to drink much less than people with fair eyes.

Blue eyes
You have great psychological strength and physical strength, although many people do not see them and tend to judge you without knowing you. People may think that you are weak, shy or untrustworthy.

Despite these negative assessments, according to a pilot study reported by the University of Pittsburgh's Faculty of Medicine, which included 58 pregnant women, women with fair eyes tend to tolerate pain during childbirth more than those with darker eyes. They also seemed to cope better with the stress of childbirth.

Gray eyes
Gray eyes are rare, but they are actually a variation of blue eyes. If you have dark gray eyes, you are either emotionally stable or emotionally changeable. You can behave differently according to each person according to the needs to be met. This can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on the control you exert on your emotions.

Brown eyes
Brown eyes are due to the presence of more melanin in your body than people with clearer eyes. You tend to be nice, to assert yourself and people look to you with confidence.

According to a study conducted by Charles University in Prague, people with brown eyes are perceived as being generally very loyal, respectful and kind, but certainly not submissive.

A study published in Chronobiology International found that people with brown eyes usually sleep two hours less than people with fair eyes and their sleep cycles tend to be poorer. They usually have a harder time getting up in the morning.

Green eyes
If you have green eyes, most people perceive you as seductive, sexy and mysterious.

A study published by Impulse Corporation in Los Angeles focused on the appeal of people with varied eye colors. During the study, participants often described people with green eyes as "sexy". In addition, most participants who reported wanting to change the color of their eyes chose green as their preferred color.

Ophthalmologist surgeon Dr. Hamadi Kallel has done many studies on the subject of eye color and said that people with green eyes look mysterious and self-sufficient. He also said that green-eyed people are often unpredictable, but slow to get angry. They are original, creative and can work optimally under extreme pressure.
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