Being Too Handsome Can Harm A Man's Career

In the world of work, women often tend to denounce the fact of being discriminated against when they do not enter the standards of beauty. An overweight woman, for example, is less likely to be recruited than a thin woman, regardless of the actual skills of one or the other. But what about men? Know that a study has just shown that conversely, being beautiful can hinder the professional progress of a man and can definitely undermine his career!

According to a study by University College London School of Management and the University of Maryland in the United States, the overly beautiful men are more perceived as a threat by their bosses, and are therefore less likely to get interesting positions.

The study consisted of observing four different recruitment offices in order to establish links between the candidates' physics and their hiring. The result was without appeal! The researchers found that when men recruited other men, their decision was likely influenced by the candidates' physique. In addition, an employee deemed too good will be less likely to be promoted and will therefore be less likely to access a position of responsibility. This may hinder his professional progress because male superiors will tend to hesitate to promote the one who will be judged to have a more gracious physique than theirs, and will be immediately considered a danger.

Sun Young Lee, Research Director says, "Managers are affected by stereotypes and recruit to serve their own interests, so companies do not necessarily recruit the most competent profiles." She adds, "With more companies involving their employees in the hiring process, this important point needs to be flagged in order to pay more attention to it. (...) It is paramount to finally realize that potential labor relationships and trends stereotypes affect hiring, so it can help companies improve their selection processes. "

On the other hand, Josh Steal, Editor for the British site Unilad, testifies to all the disadvantages that his "advantageous" physique confers on him. He says he can not move into the street without being asked if he is not related to Paul Newmann (Until then it's flattering), but he adds, "When I was 19 years old, I was working in a shop, I then approached a lady who was fixing the catalog, I asked her if she needed help, on that she asked me if I had not my picture on the catalog, I replied that I was flattered and I quickly diverted the conversation by offering to help him in his research. He learned the next day that the woman in question had denounced him for sexual harassment, and was therefore fired from his job. Josh says that for the next two years, he lived to the rhythm of social benefits, unable to find a job, considered "extremely attractive", and "unquestionably the sexiest man I had the chance to see, "reports his social worker.

Josh is not an isolated case, the actor Rob Lowe said one day that it was difficult to be taken seriously because of its beauty: "There are incredible prejudices against beautiful people, who are considered people who do not suffer and who never live a difficult life ... "

Gentlemen, if at the beginning of the article you had trouble feeling sympathy for such people, I am sure that now you are very happy not to look like a Greek God!
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