An 8-day-old Baby Dies Of Herpes After Being Kissed By An Adult With A Cold

A new birth generates a general euphoria in loved ones, the family is happy to know that a new being comes to complete the tribe and friends are happy to meet your child. Cuddles, hugs and hugs are therefore appropriate to demonstrate all their tenderness towards your baby.

But when we come to the world, our functionalities are limited and our immune system is still very fragile, so it is important to protect your newborn as much as possible against all external nuisances. Indeed, a banal kiss, given in good faith, can cost the life of your child. Discover the story of Aliza who, after 8 days of life, ended up succumbing to a deadly kiss.

Aliza, 8 days, succumbs to a fatal kiss.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 67% of the population, including people under 50, would be infected with the herpes virus, whether it appears with a pimple or not. The risks of transmission are high especially when it is a newborn. Indeed, before the age of 3 months, it is difficult or impossible for a baby to fight against this virus. The latter can cause cold sores, genital lesions or chickenpox. If the virus passes into the blood, it can reach the brain and cause a fatal case of meningitis.

This was unfortunately the dramatic fate of the little Aliza Rose, 8 days. Her mother, Abigail Rose Friend, said that her daughter was born healthy but had contracted the virus 36 hours after birth, probably because of a kiss from an infected adult. Aliza became completely lethargic and could no longer feed herself. The disease was eating away at his lungs and brain. She was pronounced dead on May 20 and the doctors ended her life.

Devastated, Aliza's mother was keen to warn of the dangers that an infant might incur because of a simple kiss, she said on her Facebook page:

"I will never stop sharing the painful, poignant and heartbreaking story of our sweet Aliza Rose [...] She was 8 days old when she died, yet she was born happy and healthy. [...] Please help us save more babies' lives by sharing our story and avoiding kissing newborns. "

Abigail says she thinks of her daughter every day, but it took her months to feel ready to tell her story.

Mourning a child
The use of quotation marks for the word mourning, in the title, is not insignificant because finally, it is impossible to really mourn his own child. That said, even though it's hard to conceive and admit it at first, as long as you're still breathing, you're still alive. 

So, while there is a noticeable difference between living and surviving, no matter how long you keep your head under water, in the end you will only have two options: sink or finish up. To continue to live does not mean to forget one's child, to laugh does not mean to betray one's absence and to advance is not to detach oneself. Surviving the loss of a child requires extreme dedication to life, so you must commit to living for yourself, your loved ones and your other children if you have any. It is a terrible experience that will have changed your life, but you will survive because, despite everything, your little angel will always be part of you.
An 8-day-old Baby Dies Of Herpes After Being Kissed By An Adult With A Cold
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