This Dentist Is An Angel: He Remakes The Teething Of A Father Who Was Ashamed Of His Teeth

This Dentist Is An Angel: He Remakes The Teething Of A Father Who Was Ashamed Of His Teeth

Kindness and generosity are precious and extremely powerful qualities. On their own, they warm people's hearts, fill them with happiness and joy and can even change their lives. This is the case for Dillon Moore who, thanks to the generous dentist who offered him a new dentition without expecting anything in return, can now toothy smile, which he had not dared to do for many years.

The moving story of Dillon Moore

Dr. Kenny Wilstead is a dental surgeon and practices in Texas, in the southern United States.

While sailing on Facebook one day, he stumbled upon Dillon Moore's profile. He noticed that this man was not smiling on any of his photos, and knew directly that he must have his teeth seriously damaged.

He then contacted this young father of two and offered to fix his teeth for free. But Dillon explained that he had a number of problems and that despite the fact that he wanted to accept, he could not afford to miss days of work to get treatment.

Months passed and a year later, Dillon Moore had a serious toothache. Her boss sent her to be pulled from the Marshall Family Dental Clinic where Dr. Wilstead worked, and gave her a day off.

The dentist worked nearly two hours on his patient. This time lapse, Dillon looked at himself in the mirror and did not believe his eyes: he was provided with a brand new teething!

"I was wondering what was taking so long," Dillon said, his eyes filled with tears. And he added, "I have not smiled since I was a kid without putting my hand in front of my face. "

Without asking for permission or even warning him, Kenny Wilstead had undertaken to give the young father a wonderful gift: to heal all his teeth and offer him a new smile.

Generous acts to spread joy and happiness

In an increasingly individualistic world where everyone's mentality is gaining more and more ground, everything is not lost. We sometimes witness wonderful acts of generosity. Like Dr. Wilstead, more and more people are waking up and wondering what they could do to help people and make the world a better place. These people make the conscious choice of kindness and generosity.

Some of them engage in charity work, others choose careers where they will have the opportunity to come to the aid of humanity, and still others decide to make small altruistic gestures regularly.

If you also want to make a difference in the world, here are some ideas of good works to accomplish that will probably make you as happy as the people who will benefit.

- Be open to all possibilities of helping others: help someone pick up what they have dropped, find their way, carry heavy objects, etc.
- Be nice and friendly everyday, without expecting anything in return
- Make donations to charity
- Offer goods or money to people who need it more than you
- Prepare meals for friends, colleagues, family members and neighbors
- Make surprises and give gifts to loved ones and strangers

As Piero Ferrucci, author of The Art of Kindness explains, after giving, "We will be poorer, but we will feel richer. We may feel less secure and less secure, but we will be more free. We will have made the world in which we live a little better. "

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