The Nurse Was Cleaning This Baby Until She Suddenly Noticed That He Had A Strange Mark On His Head

All that a parent wants most in the world is that his baby comes to the world in good health and in the best conditions. Alas, things do not always go as planned. But there are also babies who are born with sometimes rather particular physical traits that make them not only special in the eyes of their parents but in the eyes of people too.

What does a birthmark really represent?
A birthmark is a colored mark that can spread more or less anywhere in the body. It is also given other names like "angiome" or "stain of wine". In most cases, these spots appear due to a malformation of the lymphatic or vascular system, but they are congenital, which means that their presence goes back to birth and they are quite benign.

They are divided into several categories, each with its own size, color, shape and appearance. Most of them are noticeable from birth, others can appear during the growth period and in rarer cases, spots can appear in a person in adulthood. They can just as easily disappear after a certain time or expand. In this case, a medical intervention can be useful to avoid any inconvenience.

Where do they come from?
Red-colored birthmarks are usually associated with a vascular abnormality. In this case, they can either disappear or grow. And in rare situations, birthmarks can be a source of inflammation, so you can seek the help of a doctor to fix the problem.

The spots of "coffee with milk" and the moles are generated by a concentration of melanin. Although they are not dangerous, it is advisable to monitor them over time, since each mole has the possibility of turning into melanoma.

The white spots, in turn, appear following a partial depigmentation of the skin.

Cinar Engin is a baby who, since the day of his birth, has captured the attention of thousands of people around the world.

This little boy was born in 2016, in Turkey, of Turkish parents, Murat and Ceyda Engin. They made an incredible discovery in the delivery room several hours after their baby was born. He had indeed a birthmark on the font, just above his right eyebrow.

" Unbelievable !! A nurse shouted the day after she had to clean little Cinar's face. She went on to say, "This is a real baby of love! "

One such reaction is that one could easily see a heart-shaped birthmark on the right side of the baby's forehead. The father, Murat, commented on this news: "It was hard for me to hold back my tears at such a thing ... My wife and I love her, as we love her birthmark. "

A birth that did not go unnoticed
The father goes on to say, "His mother also burst into tears upon seeing the birthmark on his son's forehead ... We really saw this as a blessing from God. We did not have any negative feelings about him, we think he's a lucky baby. "

The birth mark of little Cinar will quickly become viral and has generated many reactions around the world.

Not to mention the fact that when both parents take their son for a walk, they often stop because passers-by absolutely want to take pictures with him and his brand fabulous heart-shaped.

Now Cinar's photo has traveled around the world to reach people from far-off lands. We hope that the life of this little boy will be as happy and extraordinary as his birth!
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